The Art of Formula 1 | Suzuka, Japan | with Artist, Matteo Cremona

2019 - Cover art for Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari welcomes artist, Matteo Cremona, to the team. Check out his beautifully rendered cover art for the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix!

Charles Leclerc is shown curling around this picturesque corner of the Suzuka track as Japanese cherry blossoms fall to the ground. The falling petals call out to enjoy the journey of being one of the select few to race formula 1 for Scuderia Ferrari. Time flashes by just as the 2019 Formula 1 season has.

Did you know?

The blooming of the Japanese cherry blossom is celebrated in many countries around the world. In Japan the social elite first celebrated by drinking under the cherry blossom trees. Later it was celebrated by all. Japan gave 3,020 cherry blossom trees as a gift to the United States in 1912 to celebrate the nations' growing friendship. Thousands of visitors flock to Washington D.C. every year to catch a glimpse of the spectacular view!

About the artist - Matteo Cremona

Matteo Cremona is an Italian comic artist who made his debut in 2003 on the short story collection “I vizi di Pinketts” by Edizioni BD. Shortly after, he joined the staff of artists working on the series “John Doe”, published by Eura Editoriale. In 2008 he worked on the minisieries “David Murphy 911″, written by Roberto Recchioni and published by Panini Comics. In 2010 he sketched the short story “il Brigadiere Leonardi”, written by Carlo Lucarelli and published by Edizioni BD. For the same publisher he created an Artbook of 12 Illustrations on the Apocalypse; two years later these became the basis for a personal exhibition. In 2012 he began his collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore; during these years he worked on “Le Storie”, “Orfani”, “Ringo”, “Nuovo Mondo” and the miniseries “Orfani: Terra”. In 2018 he worked on the first two issues of the miniseries “Mister No Revolution”, written by Michele Masiero. - Scuderia Ferrari

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What should we expect from the Japanese Grand Prix?

Charles explains the track

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