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The Art Of Formula 1 | Suzuka, Japan | With Artist, Alex Maleev

2018 - Cover Art For Scuderia Ferrari

By: Migz (Christopher Migliozzi)- 10/06/2018

Who better an artist to render the cover of the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix than the artist known for his Marvel Comics work on Daredevil! He has worked with all various shades of red and white which compliments not only the colors of Scuderia Ferrari but also that of the Japanese flag!

The Art Of Formula 1 | Suzuka, Japan | With Artist, Alex Maleev

. formula1.ferrari.com - Alex Maleev

The daredevil in this cover is not Matt Murdock, but rather Sebastian Vettel #5 race car driver for team Ferrari. Does Seb have a 6th sense? Will he turn off his targeting computer as he approaches the finish line? What could be better than being a race car driver for Scuderia Ferrari? The answer may be, being immortalized as one of the few chosen to be commissioned as a Scuderia Ferrari cover artist!

Did You Know?

Located in the Mie Prefecture, the Suzuka raceway, designed as a Honda test track, has 18 turns and is 3.609 miles long. Originally designed in 1962, this circuit has various configurations and has been featured in multiple video games from Forza to Gran Turismo.

About The Artist - Alex Maleev

"Alex Maleev is a Bulgarian-born comic book illustrator, best known for his work on the Marvel Comics series Daredevil (vol. 2) with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Maleev became famous in Bulgaria for “Godan” (1991) and “The Carthel of Dead” (1992) published in Riko magazine. In 2006, Maleev finished his run with Bendis in Daredevil and collaborated with the writer on both the Spider-Woman series and the Halo: Uprising miniseries from Marvel Comics. Other comic titles he worked on with Bendis include the Sam and Twitch, and their latest, Scarlet. Maleev also did art for the comic books The Crow: Dead Time, The Crow: Flesh & Blood, The New Avengers:Illuminati special, Arabian Nights, Alien vs. Predator, Batman: No Man's Land, Superman vs. Predator, and Hellboy: Weird Tales. Maleev’s movie credits include working as storyboard artist for The Bone Collector (1999), Coming Soon (1999), Hell’s Kitchen (1998), and Great Expectations (1998). In 1996 he received the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer, and in 2003 his book Daredevil he won the prestigious Eisner Award for best on-going series." - Bio By: StephenKing.Com

Photo Provided By: Alex Maleev

What Should We Expect From The Japanese Grand Prix?

Kimi explains the track!

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