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Scuderia Ferrari welcomes back artist, Gianmarco Veronesi, to the team. Check out his beautifully rendered cover art for the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

It's time for round 21 and the final race for 2019. In this vibrant and final cover of the year we see both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in the same shot (not often seen on previous covers), both racing hard, side by side for the season finale. The landmark sketched is the beautiful, W hotel, Yas Marina.

Did you know?

The W hotel is owned and operated by the Marriott and is a luxury brand marketed to a younger crowd. This hotel is located in the Yas Marina complex with an amazing view of the race track.

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Yas Marina provides a vast amount of entertainment including restaurants, bars, clubs and nightlife. For more information click on the following link -> Yas Marina Nightlife

About the artist - Gianmarco Veronesi

"Born in 1995, Gianmarco Veronesi is a rising talent among designers and artists in the Italian comic book landscape. After graduating in 2017 from the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia, under the guidance of fellow artist and mentor Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gianmarco found national success with publisher Renoir Comics.

He also completed work on an illustrated biography of Italian painter Tintoretto, published by Sky Arte Italy. Gianmarco contributed to the first two seasons of We Race – Scuderia Ferrari’s online motion comic". -

What should we expect from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Charles explains the track

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