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T​he Aston Martin Cygnet is Becoming Collectible

T​he £45,000 Astoyota

1y ago

Now, b​ack in 2011 the EU passed a regulation saying that all car manufacturers must meet a certain C02 average amongst all of their production cars.

A​nd this wasn't really a problem for most of the world's supercar makers, because companies like Bugatti and Lamborghini were owned by VW Group, and they made the VW Polo. Ferrari were also alright, because Ferrari were owned by Fiat; who made the 500.

And this unfortunately created a bit of a problem, because Aston Martin was no longer owned by the Fiesta making Ford; they were independent. S​o, Aston were in a bit of a tricky position, because the DBS and all their other cars had big thumping fuel-thirsty engines, none of which did 35 MPG.

A​ston Martin UK

A​ston Martin UK

N​ow obviously what Aston needed was a nice fuel-efficient little Econo-box, which was friendly to jolly polar bear. However, developing any new car whatsoever can be very costly, and to be honest Aston hadn't much money, so...

T​hey bought one!

T​op Gear UK

T​op Gear UK

A​ Toyota iQ to be exact.

H​owever, Aston couldn't simply slap on a new badge and call it a day. No, they needed to make it special. S​o... what they did was shed a cow onto the interior and gave the front some nice carbon hoodscoops. Oh, and tippled the price.

S​o essentially people were paying $40,000 for an "Aston Martin" with a tiny little 1.3 liter engine with 97 Horsepower, and some leather upholstery.

N​ow predictablely, the car wasn't exactly a sales success. They only managed to shift 300 of these things worldwide. 3,700 short of their goal.

That being said, I like this car. I like the fact that it's small comfortable and actually quite pretty for a tiny city car. I imagined that 6 years after production had ground to a halt these cars would be worthless, an absolute bargain.



T​her are currently 4 Aston Martin Cygents for sale on Autotrader UK for up to £45,000!!! That's £15,000 MORE than the original asking price. You could even buy a nice V8 Vantage for that money. So why in gods name is this little car gaining value, how is this brand-ruining city car becoming "collectible".

S​imple, because it's rare. People would buy a dog turd from a company like Aston if they were told only 300 would ever be made. Car collectors will go nuts for anything even remotely quirky or rare. You can tell this is the case because these cars are barely driven, with some only having 6,500 miles on the clock.

P​eople! this ain't a Ferrari Scuderia or a GT2, it's a TOYOTA. Just that, it's slow, and fantastically overpriced.

S​o for the love of cars, please stop.


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Comments (9)

  • So thats why it existed. They should do it again but an EV version at a cheaper price point.

    If it means keeping the V12. I am all for it.

    What am I saying.. I'd be down for an Aston hot hatch. Do it again. Take an AMG A35 Base and re tune and mod it. I'll take an Aston hot hatch. 🤣 Who's with me... 🤣

      1 year ago
  • I love that it was an ingenious and silly little token solution to the EU mandate. I mean, it's not like it actually lowered Aston Martin's emissions.

      1 year ago
  • I always kind of loved the Cygnet. As a person of practicality, what could be better than a luxurious car you can park everywhere in the city? Also, how bad ass is the Aston grille on a micro car? I am only disappointed by the engine. 0-100 km/h in 11,6s is just embarrassing for an Aston. Look at one or the other Smart Brabus. It can be done. Redo it. And thanks for the rarity and appreciation. 😄

      1 year ago
  • What matters is... does it come with the pillows?

      1 year ago
  • Owning one that was bought at the bottom of its depreciation curve, I can say there is no better place to spend your daily commute. A practical “city car” (far more than my DB9 that is used for long journeys or my DB7 race car). It gets plenty of looks – more than the DB9 – and does everything a city car should while being actually a nice place to be when in traffic!

      3 months ago