The Aston Martin Cygnet was rubbish when it first came out

And it is even worse today

46w ago

When people found out that Aston Martin launched the Cygnet, we laughed. It was a rebadged Toyota IQ, and it cost £30,000 when it first came out. The Cygnet was stupid having an Aston Martin badge on it. I want to put into perspective how much this was, it is 3 times more than a Volkswagen Up! and the Up! is a better car and it has more room in it.


It looks like a Toyota IQ, that's because it is a Toyota IQ. Saying that, it does have a different grille, and rear lights, oh and they have wrapped almost everything in leather. The interior is nice, it is but there would be more room in the back of a DB9 than in the Cygnet.

Depreciation (or lack of it)

I kid you not, a car on AutoTrader (UK) has listed a Cygnet for a whopping £31,995. For a leather lined IQ. Has the world gone mad? The cheapest Cygnet is still £25,500, which is a crazy amount to pay for a shopping car. That's the thing with the Cygnet, it won't lose value and I think it will become more, and more collectable as time goes on.

The Aston Martin Cygnet was rubbish when it came out, and it is still rubbish today.

Hugo Taylor

What I would do for the same money

I would go and buy a 2016/17 Volkswagen Up! for around £6-£7k they are more practical than the Cygnet, you could fit shopping and rear passengers in it, you could get it with 4 doors. With the leftover money, I'd buy a DB9 / V8 Vantage for around £20-24k. This would give me an Aston Martin to drive at the weekends and have more fun in it, and a sensible Volkswagen for day-to-day use.

My thoughts on it

Aston Martin haven't put much effort into the Cygnet and the worst thing about it is came with a 1.3l engine in it. It produced a massive 97bhp, which is more than an Up! but you would buy a Cygnet / Up! for the sole purpose of driving round town. The Aston Martin Cygnet was rubbish when it came out, and it is still rubbish today.


Aston Martin Cygnet

I decided to score the Cygnet 2/5 (Out of City cars). I was thoroughly impressed with the clear lack of imagination at Aston Martin, as well as them pricing the car at more than a new 3 Series. I was also impressed with the boot, which couldn't even hold a bag in it, yes you could fold down the seats but that means you would have the choice; children or shopping. Saying that, you wouldn't have any children if you drove a Cygnet. It got 2 stars because of the depreciation, or lack of it. It is a rare car and I think they will go up and up in value.

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What used supercar and City car combo would you go for £30k?

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  • Didn’t they make it so that they could bring down the emission levels of the whole range at the time and therefore still have a v12 db9. Thank you cygnet.

      10 months ago
  • I agree it’s probably rubbish, especially for the price, but if I had a garage full of other cars I’d buy a Cygnet

      10 months ago
  • I'd like to know who actually bought one of these

      10 months ago