THE ASTON MARTIN DB6: Quintessentially British

There is a story that sums up Aston Martin uniquely enough as a firm during the '60s

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In 1968, an old friend of David Brown asked a favour to purchase the car at cost price. Several days later his friend received an invoice of 1000 pounds. That was more than the listed price, not going to lie that was a pretty wholesome story placing craftsmanship over profit.

Storytime aside, if I had to describe the DB6 it would be a timeless and appreciated piece of British motoring, elegant and British. As for the phrase 'British', that was the first phrase that came to mind when I saw this car for the first time.

Forgive me for being stunned, the DB6 is a rich piece of Aston Martin's history, deriving from its racing history all the way back to which I would argue the DBR1 has an influence over its design and foundations.

The straight-six Tadek Marek engine has its roots from the DBR1 yes the same DBR1 that gained victory in the 1959 Le Mans and champion of the 1959 World Sportscar Championship. To put that into perspective on how mad it would have been to win let alone drive a car as the DBR1 would be like driving a 900 horsepower GTR with drum brakes.

Seat belts? no thank you launching out of the car is a more viable option. Roll bars? The driver's neck would be strong enough to withstand the car from a total barrel roll.

Jokes aside though, we need to take a moment to commend the bravery and the bollock sizes of the following drivers: Mr Shelby, Mr Salvadori, Mr Fairman and Mr Moss.

Its Kamm Tail design was passed down from the experimental and ultra-rare Aston Martin DP 212 which although may not be as successful as the DBR1 in terms of racing but I bet we can all agree it's a stunning looker of a car. This trait of 'stunningness' is should be of no surprise in every Aston.

The 1962 Aston Martin DP212

The 1962 Aston Martin DP212

0-60 in 6.5 seconds sure may be alright in 2021 but that's like watching its grandson the DB11 flattering us with its 3.6 seconds from nought to sixty. Being quick is an understatement. It is loaded with famous owners ranging from Wayne Rooney, Prince Charles and we can't forget it is the wedding car of William and Kate, god bless them.

The DB6 defined the 60's as an era cool, dangerous and exciting. Where the youth for once can stand up to the establishment through rock n roll, pop art and driving posh cars it is no surprise it's irresistible to get one. Mick Jagger, Paul Mccartney and Twiggy just to name a few cultural icons own DB6's.

To sum up, In an era when the cold war was at its height, I think it's safe to say the generation of 60's Britain might as well played hard and dance all night before the sound of missile warning sirens erupts and a faint echo of "we'll meet again" echoes. It is with a sense of curiosity of the past in which I value the DB6 not just for its racing pedigree or glamorous looks but also as a piece of British culture that can never be repeated thus making it one of the greatest British classics ever.

Thank you and travel kindly

Thank you and travel kindly

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