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The Aston martin DB9 is a wonderful car and it represents all that Aston Martin should be. Power Beauty and Soul, the words that the company lives by. Personally I do not think there is a better Aston that lives by this code.

The DB10, the one-77 and obviously the vanquish all live close to this code too, but honestly this is perfect. Lets start with the key. Not only is it a key but it is a work off art. The glass block slides in like a piece of ice. Once you satisfyingly push it, your ears flood with the roaring V12. Its then up to you... You can either slowly glide of the road or force the car forward, leaping towards the finishing line.

The DB5 grill is evident

The DB5 grill is evident

The styling. Its simplistic but classy, like bread and butter at a posh restaurant. The noticeable front echos down from the iconic DB5. Rear lights fold around the back and the lines follow down to the simple underside. Cutting the side of the Aston is a side vent, a motif the company use; even represented on their highest cars like the Vulcan or the AMRB001. Five spoke rims work perfectly on this particular spec. But On a DB9 black rims are a no.

Desirable soft wood flows through the center of the black leather interior. Questionably four seats are included on the DB9? I have been all the way to the new forest in the back of it and It is not comfortable at all. My knees got squeezed all the way there... and all the way back, I ached the whole week, but it was worth it.

One of the best features from the volante is the roof. It can be taken down by a simple push off a button, and then you can cruise in the sun and listen freely to the V12 (much louder on this one as it has a quick silver). In my opinion it is much better than the hardtop, only because the DBS stands where the hard top should be.

Thrill. You get that in this car. Obviously not as much as the DBS, but that's fine. Turn the traction control off for example, whilst leaving p1 supercar Sunday for example... But Aston don't have to live up to the Ferrari or Mclaren name of hyper super speed but, they can dish out appropriate speeds. Take this for example its top speed is only 182 miles per hour. This isn't made for the track. Its made for arriving at that hotel in the country with you friends one in his f-type and the other in his gt continental. The AMRB001 however will be a game changer they claim it will do spa a solid 40 seconds faster than the one:1, I cant quite get that into my head.

The DB9 is a truly wonderful car. You cant compare it to a Ferrari or something like that, its like comparing the best suit shop to the apple store, it just doesn't work. it might not be the fastest, the comfiest, or have the best sat nav, but what it is, is an Aston Martin and no one else can ever get as close to that.

the Aston Martin DB11

the Aston Martin DB11

And as for the future of Aston I am very, very exited. With a V8 AMG powered DB11 on the way I cant wait to see whats next; a road legal Vulcan? a renewed DBS? i'm not to sure but what I do know is that The AMRB001 will be an absolute game changer. It will turn today's hypercars into supercars and supercars into sports cars and I just cant wait......

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