The Aston That Never Was.

Why did this Aston Martin never take off?

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The Aston Martin Bulldog was a one-off concept car which was conceived by the company during 1979.

With its wedge shape and gullwing doors, this car certainly turns heads. Not to mention, having arguably the coolest headlamp configuration ever fitted to a car.

A panel on the front of the car gives way to five centre-mounted headlamps.

A panel on the front of the car gives way to five centre-mounted headlamps.

This car was not lacking performance either. It was fitted with a 5.3 litre V8 engine, equipped with two Garret turbochargers. This meant that during testing, the power figure achieved was in excess of 700bhp. However, the engine fitted to the car produced a mere 650bhp. The claimed top speed of the Bulldog was 237mph (381 kmh), but the fastest recorded speed was 192mph (307 kmh).

Despite impressive performance figures and striking looks, this project was deemed to expensive when Victor Gauntlett became chairman of the company. The initial plan was to produce between 15 and 25 of these cars, but only one car was ever made. It was sold to a car collector in the Middle East for £130,000 in 1984.

Today, in 2020, the car has been found in storage in the far east and has returned to the UK for restoration by a Shropshire company called Classic Motor Cars. They also aim to help this car break the 200mph barrier when it is finished.

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