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Audi is one of the great German car manufactures. Audi was founded in 1899 since then Audi has grown from strength to strength and from 1966 has been fully owned by Volkswagen.

Audi has produced some of the greatest cars ever made and to this today continues to be a leading innovator of fantastic cars, not only are their cars built with excellent quality that will last a lifetime but they continue to develop new and exciting cars as well as new car technology.

Audi have created cars like the R8, Quattro, RS2, RS6, A6 BiTDI and many more.

One of the underrated cars made by Audi is the A4. The A4 is everything you need in a car. It’s spacious, comfortable, well made, and not bad if you put your foot down. Audi have the right to charge the price tag, it’s worth it, especially if you’re going to keep it for a long time. However, there is just one problem in my opinion. It is quite boring.

Grey and boring

This is the same problem that the Audi R8 has in comparison to other Supercars. It’s superbly well made, it’s fast, comfortable and inexpensive but it doesn’t have any pizazz. A Ferrari or Lamborghini will set your whole world on fire, you’ll be itching to take it out for a drive. The R8 is a car that you can use to go and get a Pack of Smokes from your local off licence. Some may say the R8 is an "Everyday Supercar" and its hard to disagree

The A4 has that German air about it. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be. There isn’t a lot of excitement. It does everything you want and need it to do. But there is nothing at all that will make you excited to drive it, unless you have a really really shit car.

Don’t get me wrong I love the A4, I think it’s a fantastic car. The first ‘family car’ my Parents got was an Audi A4 Avant. It’s just that it isn’t exciting enough. It excels in every other thing it does and is way out of the league of its competitors. modern Audi's have the all wheel drive Quattro system which makes it safer then a rear wheel drive BMW, if it was just a little bit more exciting then, it would be one of the top cars to consider buying and join the list of greats such as the Volvo XC90.

An A4 1.8 T was the first "family car" my parents bought. My Dad wasn't too impressed that he had to get rid of his Golf GTI though

If I had a family and had the money to buy and A4 I think I would, maybe have to save up a bit more so I could get the S-Line though