The Audi E-Tron GT will arrive this year

Expect to see a production sporty electric Audi at the LA Auto Show this year

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Audi presented the E-Tron GT Concept at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, but now, two years later, it looks like we're finally goings to get the production version.

This elegant electric saloon with sporty styling will compete with the Tesla Model S. It will have two electric motors producing 590hp and its large 96 kWh battery will offer a range of approximately 250 miles. The concept does 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, which will also be the case for the production version.

The production model is due to be unveiled this year and according to Autocar, the E-Tron GT will be the first electric Audi RS. It will also be offered in a normal and semi-sporty S version. The series production E-Tron GT could make its debut at the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show. It will share the same platform as the Porsche Taycan, as well as similar powertrains.

However, these will be less powerful than the Porsche so that the E-Tron GT will be less expensive. We can therefore expect power ratings of 500, 600 and 700hp for the future Audi electric saloon. The two cars will share many technologies and will have almost the same dimensions.

According to Autocar, the normal and S versions of the E-Tron GT will be available at launch. The radical RS version will arrive later. After a long focus on saloons and then SUVs, the RS sports division will focus on electric vehicles for the first time. A supercar that will replace the Audi R8 E-Tron is also planned.

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Comments (46)

  • Audi sure is nailing their EV designs. Purposeful, powerful looking cars.

      9 months ago
  • I'm just glad to see Audi officially producing an all electric car. Tesla is light-years ahead of everyone one else, technologically speaking, so of course they will have better range - but Audi and Porsche are involved and that's what matters. Looking back almost a decade, the first Tesla's only had a range of about 200 plus miles too, so I'm sure the others will eventually catch up in the not so distant future. AND with Audi and Porsche creating some competition, hopefully Tesla will also start upping their game to stay on top. Competition is good.

      9 months ago
    • I just rode in a Tesla S on a German Autobahn. Now I understand why Tesla wants to build a factory in Germany.

      The US coach building abilities are simply not meeting German requirements. Above a US spec speed of 65-75 MPH the Tesla‘s cabin...

      Read more
        9 months ago
    • Not sure what you mean by “unbearable”. I have driven one at 100mph and it’s still quieter than most diesel or petrol cars at 70mph, let alone 100mph.

        9 months ago
  • Elon will sleep well knowing they'll use the Taycan platform. All that German engineering and they'll just touching the bar. I really think VAG wants to make a competing car, but they won't make a better car to reduce the traction of EV's.

      9 months ago
    • Are you worried that Porsche/Audi/VW is trying to steal Tesla's customers to buy their versions of an electric car or is Porsche/Audi/VW giving their much larger customer base something else to consider when visiting their showrooms? I...

      Read more
        9 months ago
    • This car is yet another example of how far behind VW are. 96kWh battery delivering 250 miles range, when the Model S delivers 370 miles of range (using the more realistic US EPA measure) with a 100kWh battery - i.e it consumers 40% more energy...

      Read more
        9 months ago
  • This is possibly the only EV I would buy

      9 months ago
  • So it’s basically a Porsche Taycan but you won’t have to put up with all the questions about where the turbo is.

      9 months ago


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