The Audi RS2: Porsche's Greatest Wagon

The first true performance wagon, the Audi RS2, was built by a crack team of engineers at Porsche's Zuffanhausen factory, the home of the legendary 959 supercars. Audi shipped Porsche the pedestrian "80 Avant" model which, would be transformed into a supercar slayer by Porsche. The resulting RS2 changed the way we view performance cars and set the scene for the practical performance cars we enjoy today. When Audi unveiled a wagon that could outsprint sprint a Mclaren F1 to 30mph and match the performance of the 996 Porsche 911 it elevated the humble wagon into a true performance car. To create this supercar-rivaling wagon took a few key upgrades from the engineers over at Porsche who know a thing or two about building fast cars.

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