The Audi RS6 Ark Angel is the most Serious Audi you can buy

The scary name is followed by some scary performance

1y ago


Growing up, I really liked a girl in my class but her name was Olga and she used to beat up the older kids for fun.

My point is names give people certain characteristics, like mine - its Vincent and im a slightly overweight man-child that likes to talk about cars, kind of what you would expect!

However this car is called the "Ark Angel" and after driving it, I found out why.

I got this car from Allemann Performance, theyre a bunch of great guys. Anyway let me tell you about the time I defecated in an RS6 seat! I had heard sound clips of this car but had no idea what I was dealing with!

I got in the car, my younger sister aka unpaid camera woman next to me and gently drove it to a really straight stretch, where I could open the taps up a little bit.

I mashed the brakes and planted my right foot, the revs climbed, I released the brake - hell broke loose. Within 3 seconds I was doing 100km/h, I kept going, 6 seconds later I was doing 200 (if youre from the government, this was filmed in mexico - everything I said above is a lie). My sister yelled "stop, I cant feel my stomach", I obliged.

I had just broken my personal record for fastest 0-100 ever! 3 seconds! Now I know what you might be thinking "shut up fat boy what else is special about this car"

Well, besides the massive 705HP and 1000NM of torque you can customize virtually any part of it - if you want a giant trouser snake engraved on the seats, Allemann will do it (seriously though, they probably would).

And with a simple software, turbo and exhaust upgrade, this engine will put out a massive 1012HP! Its probably the best allround car you can get with a quattro allroad system, a roof rack and space in the back for 6 and a half children.

Don't buy an R8, buy this instead!


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Comments (9)

  • Showcasing your video in USA Community chat 3/4/2019

      1 year ago
  • Oh my god! This car is an inspiration! I don't know why or how. It could either inspire me to lose weight or gain more power. I think the latter is much more fundamental for an automobile.

      1 year ago
  • If only us Americans could have it. I'd pay any amount of money to put that in the stable.

      1 year ago
  • oh man...if it only had a stick option.......

    i would get one for my daughter :-)

    she'd love it!

      1 year ago
    • how old is your daughter? You can always get me one! Ill even pretend to be your daughter!

        1 year ago
    • i won't divulge her age but suffice it to say i am a grandfather and the grandson is 12 and i am way past the thought of having more children :-)

        1 year ago