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The Audi vs BMW Billboard Battle you didn't know about

It is also known as the most iconic battle

1y ago

The car industry is full of intriguing battles. Audi and BMW's rivalry is one such example. In 2013, these two carmakers went head-to-head in a billboard battle in LA. Very rarely we see carmakers battling it out in the public and this was one such occasion.

It all started with this billboard in Los Angeles, California. After sometime Audi switched the billboard which said, "Your turn, BMW".

After this, many BMW fans were enraged and wanted a response and BMW responded with a billboard located on Santa Monica Blvd which said "Checkmate".

Audi didn't stop there though as they then held a Facebook competition in which they asked people to photoshop the response they should give to BMW. Facebook users replied with many creative answers. In the end, Audi replied with a billboard featuring the R8.

Audi's billboard said, "Your pawn is no match for our king." Later, BMW put a branded blimp above Audi's billboard which had the words "Game Over" written on it and also their F1 car.

BMW also relocated their billboard later and the war ended. This has been labelled as one of the most iconic bill-board battle ever to have taken place between two carmakers who are arch-rivals.

We hope that we get to see more such battles in the future.

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