- They are literally all over the place in India.

As a resident Indian, I have travelled in an auto thousands of times. Side note: You could call it a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw or a three-wheeled gremlin, but over here, a billion people call it an auto. Let me teach you about this brilliant piece of engineering.

How many types of autos are there in India?

Infinite. You can have a compact one - the most common - or a big, seven-seater version called the share auto. We invented Uber Share. They are available in different colours in different parts of India, too. A Delhi auto would usually be green with a yellow roof. An auto in Kolkata or Bangalore would be black with a yellow roof. In Hyderabad, where I have gone on thousands of auto rides, they are yellow with a black roof. They represent their own areas.

How are they decorated?

You would expect fifteen God's idols on the dashboard, but no. Some of them put on LED lights for some attention, but the usual thing is to write something really cringy at the back, for example 'GIFT FROM GOD', or 'BHAI ROCKZZZ' or something. You've got to see it to believe it. The side of it usually has 'For Hire' written on it, but this being India, you could find some FOUR HIER or FORE HIR on some of them.

How do you call one?

Well, it's simple, really...



How do you pay for a ride?

They have a thing called a meter, attached to them. It displays the fixed price, and then keeps increasing. Also, it adds waiting time. But, drivers have found a way to make it run fast, and show the wrong price. So, nowadays the drivers just mention a price, the customers refuse and walk away, the driver then decreases the price, and then after an hour of bargaining, they settle for a price that neither is happy with. So there you go.

This one's too less, actually.

This one's too less, actually.

So, did you understand how you have to commute while in India? No? Good. Any queries? Feel free to make me look like I know nothing.

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