The Automatic Subaru WRX Is The Perfect Car For A Particular Personality Type

A car considered sacrilege by some could be the savior of many.

Some people need a watch that works on the moon and the depths of the ocean, not because they will visit either of these places, but because they know that it should work in any day to day circumstance if it can work under the extremes. These same people buy phone cases that can withstand a bullet and a tsunami at the same time.

Don’t confuse this with a desire for luxury. Although these people are willing to pay the luxury price tag, it’s more so a desire for extreme utility and security.

Like everyone else, these people drive cars. If one has a lot of wealth, he or she gets a Range Rover, happily getting into the comfortable SUV after just seeing another commercial of the vehicle tackling some foreign mountain. What if you don’t have a lot of money?

Descending from a rally pedigree, the Subaru WRX is the vehicle of choice for the person who wants a car that can handle an unpaved mountain pass, so that he or she can pass another vehicle on the road during a light drizzle in absolute certainty. I’m making a point about this because, I don’t think these people realize this option just yet. Many car enthusiasts get a WRX with a manual gearbox for thrashing about. That’s been happening for years, but how many people focused on durability turn to the civilian rally car?

I think it’s quite a lot fewer than one would imagine, as the early 2000’s myth of the SUV being infinitely safer than a sedan permeated its way into our world at the same time as the rise in popularity of the WRX. There are people out there who do not realize that the WRX was the perfect car for them, who bought something more expensive that isn’t nearly as good.

As Subaru has built their vehicles larger to lessen the burden of emissions, those SUV customers have taken a second glance at the Polaris constellation and have seen a new light. The more mundane cars rolling off of the factory lines are gaining popularity and customer satisfaction is as high as ever. Perhaps, the people who could have best been suited by the WRX several years ago will find themselves behind the wheel of one in the not so distant future.

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Comments (2)

  • Wow. I never thought CVT that way.

    I really hope they keep the fun, light footed, playful and communtiaive character of the car intact with future models. They nailed that with the GD and GC8 chassis.

      4 years ago
  • I actually really like that car myself if i'm honest

      4 years ago