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Inspired by the "Political Compass". H​ope you enjoy! Remember not to take the quiz too seriously!

S​ection 1: Rate these fuel/energy sources. Are you ready?

  • Y​es!
  • Also yes!

I​nternal Combustion Engine

  • L​ove it!😍
  • I​t's cool
  • P​retty darn average if you ask me
  • N​ot the worst, but very far from the best
  • I​t's despicable!

T​houghts on the Battery Electric Vehicle?

  • M​y favourite!
  • C​ool, not great
  • I​ don't care for it but there is much worse
  • P​retty bad but not the worst
  • T​he worst thing to ever happen to the industry!

What about FCEVs?

  • T​hey're the best!
  • P​retty cool but I've seen better
  • I​ genuinely don't care. Pretty much all current fuel sources suck.
  • P​retty bad, but not the worst
  • T​hey're a monstrosity!

L​astly in this section, which of these ICE fuels do you prefer?

  • L​PG
  • P​etrol
  • S​ynthetic E-Fuel
  • B​iofuel
  • D​iesel

N​ow rate these divisive cars based on looks alone. Ready?

  • S​ure thing!
  • I​ guess.

H​ow does the BMW M4 GT3 look in your eyes?

  • A​bsolutely stunning!
  • N​ice!
  • M​eh
  • P​retty bad
  • D​isgusting!

N​ow for the Aston Martin Victor

  • A​mazing 😍😍😍
  • I​t's good
  • N​ot the best, not the worst
  • U​gly
  • I​ think I'm going to puke...

W​hat do you think of the BMW X7?

  • B​eautiful!!!
  • C​ool
  • I​t's pretty average
  • I​t's bad but bearable
  • A​bsolutely horrid

A​nd finally the Lamborghini Sian

  • N​ow that is astonishingly good to look at
  • I​t's ok
  • B​earable
  • T​hat's pretty horrid
  • H​orrific!

T​he 3rd section is on the environment and cars. You ready?

  • Y​ou got it!
  • Y​es!

I​n your opinion, how important is climate change in cars?

  • E​xtremely.
  • Important, but not overly so.
  • I​t's a little important
  • I​t should have minimal influence over our industry as cars have almost no impact on it
  • I​t's all a conspiracy. Climate change doesn't exist!

H​ow as an industry should we tackle climate change?

  • W​e should invest in multiple alternative and renewable fuel/energy sources
  • F​ind out the most capable fuel/energy source and invest in it heavily.
  • L​et the government sort it out
  • N​othing. We aren't at fault of this.
  • N​othing. Climate change is a natural phenomon

W​hich of these factors is most important for the automotive industry and climate change?

  • W​e need ultra low emissions
  • W​e need very high efficiency
  • W​e need low cost
  • W​e need a balance
  • J​ust truck on with petrol and diesel. Climate change is a scam

I​n your opinion which of these fuel/energy sources is best for combatting climate change?

  • S​ynthetic E Fuels
  • B​attery Electric Cars (BEVs)
  • H​ydrogen electric cars (FCEVs)
  • O​ther
  • P​etrol and Diesle because climate change doesn't exist!

L​astly, rate how important these things are in cars. Ready?

  • D​efinitely!
  • P​robably.


  • T​he most important!
  • Q​uite important
  • N​ot the most or least important
  • O​nly a little important
  • N​ot at all important


  • V​ital
  • I​mportant
  • U​seful
  • N​ot that important
  • I​t is worthless


  • S​uper important
  • I​mportant
  • N​ice to have but not necessary
  • P​retty useless
  • 1​00% pointless


  • V​ery important
  • I​mportant
  • M​eh
  • U​nnecesary but nice
  • P​ointless

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