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The Avant Calendar: C5 Audi S6/RS6

The 21st century V8 estate

6w ago

The Audi C5 Audi S6 was a big stepping point for Audi, being their first V8 Only S car, as well as the first S car to break 300hp. Then there was the RS6, a estate that could keep up with true super cars, a real statement Audi made to the world.



The C5 S6 replaced the C4 generation S4/S6, as the 100 line was replaced by the A6 range in 1994 the new model would follow the name when released in 1997. It took 2 years for Audi to release the S6. The S6 was equipped with a 4.2l V8 which produced around 335hp. This would go down to the ground through some wider rubber than the A6, thanks to some flared wheel arches which allowed the S6 to take full advantage of its 10mm drop over the standard A6.

But this is where the magic is, in the RS6. In 2001Audi slapped twin turbos to that son and gave it 444hp. This was more than than power, over towering the old E39 M5, the king of the mid-size sports saloon game up until that point. The C5 Audi RS6 wasn't even in its final form, in 2004 the RS6 plus was released, now making 473hp, matching the much later 2006 911 Turbo.

The car spy

The car spy

The car now also looked mean and aggressive, with huge alloy wheels and flared fenders, the estate car looked like it could eat, chew, digest and excrete any 996 drivers smug feelings. It would go on to be replaced in 2004, when the next generation of A6 came out, which brought out some of the craziest S6/RS6's to date.

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