The Avant calendar: The Audi RS2

The RS that started it all

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This December I have decided to make an automotive Advent calendar, and so I am going to focus on sporty estates. For namesake, it'll be called the Avant calendar but we will go on to non-Audi cars and more left-field Choices as we dive through the days.

But let us start at Genesis, the Audi That birthed the super estate, the Audi RS2.

Lionel Althaus

Lionel Althaus

The Audi RS2 has picked up a massive cult following in recent years, and really it should have happed long ago. This 1994 Audi Estate is co-developed and built by Porsche, has 4WD and 300hp. The little Inline-5 powered car could get up to an electronically limited 163mph, and could, under the eye of Autocar, outdo a Mclaren F1 at a 0-30mph sprint.

Lionel Althaus

Lionel Althaus

The engine was based on an existing Audi unit but thoroughly tuned by Porsche. From camshafts to turbos the 2.2L was put through a fine-toothed comb until it was pushed all the way up to 311hp. The power was sent through a 6-speed gearbox to Audi's infamous Quattro four-wheel-drive system, bringing up the rear was a locking diff which allowed for better traction.

Porsche also tackled the Suspension, ending up with a setup that dropped the ride height by 1 1/2 inches. Couple that with Porsche branded Brembo's and the car was set up to be an absolute mountain road killer.

Lionel Althaus

Lionel Althaus

The last couple of touches were pulled from the Porsche catalogue, with 964 wheels, mirrors and foglights.

What was created was a car that could outgun anything the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-class could do at the time while carrying more than the performance models could dream of. It started the super Estate class and the Audi RS division, and because of that, it has gained a huge cult following, costing as much as £75,000 today.

See you tomorrow for a dive into a little some more quick estates.

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