The awesome 450Hp/9.000Rpm Ford Capri 3.4 V6 Cosworth

Adding to that, his one is a replica of the car once driven by the great Niki Lauda

This is a remake of one of our Tribe´s first videos and features one of the most unique Monsters we have seen on recent years on Hillclimb events. This beautiful Ford Capri, raced by Portuguese veteran António Nogueira on 2014 at Rampa da Falperra, a machine built to emulate the 70´s Endurance Racing car that was driven by the illustrious and unfortunately recently gone Niki Lauda, former F1 champion.

This particular unit was bought by portuguese veteran António Nogueira, and raced on the 2014 edition of Rampa da Falperra, showing to the public how awesome are more than 450Hp/9.000Rpm from a Cosworth 3.4 block and a total package that is as mechanical as it gets.

It is a complete throwback to another Era of motor racing and one that probably only Hillclimbing can give again the opportunity to delight the crowds with such valuable machines driven in anger. But check for yourself...

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  • the reason they "only" built 4 was the temprimental GAA V6 had a habit of chewing belts.

      1 year ago