The BAC Mono - A Very Expensive Toy

      But is it worth the high price tag?

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      The BAC Mono is built to do one thing, and that's to put a massive smile on your face as you go hurtling round a track on a Sunday afternoon. Inside you'll find a four cylinder 2.3-litre engine, which doesn't sound like much. But this engine has been made to produce 280bhp and 206lb ft of torque, and in a car that weighs less than your average housefly it gives Power to weight ratio of 520bhp per tonne, that's the same as the noble m600. The engine is coupled to a gearbox from a formula 3 racing car, the results are extraordinary. The Mono does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. And it went around Anglesey a whole second faster than a McLaren P1 GTR, on slicks.

      The BAC Mono's design is inspired by an f22 fighter jet

      The BAC Mono's design is inspired by an f22 fighter jet

      So speed isn't an issue, but what about the people who want to look good as they blast around their local track. Well the maker of this car at Briggs Automotive took inspiration from an f22 fighter when designing the body, and to my eye, it looks gorgeous, it's definitely the best-looking track day car for me. It has an f1 car for the road look which is helped out by the f1 Style steering wheel you get, complete with flappy paddles for changing gear.

      The main issue with this car is that it's too focused, as Top Gear demonstrated this type of car is not designed for the road. This would be fine if the car was more affordable, but at £110'000 it's more expensive than a Nissan GTR, which is also good on the track, but you can drive it home afterwards, and even take four people along for the ride. The Mono on its own is great. But when you consider you can get track cars for a quarter of the money, and have just as much fun, you have to consider the price tag and consider, is it really worth it?

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