The basics of Automotive media haven’t changed

Watch: two videos that are nearly four decades apart share a remarkable resemblance.

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I recently released an article about the Toyota Corolla in which I described the rise of the famous AE86 and how it was popularised by legendary drifter and racer Keiichi Tsuchiya. He released a 2-part video series produced by Pluspy called ‘The Touge‘ which depicted him drifting around the Japanese mountain roads in his AE86. This video became very famous and raised the profile of both him and his car of choice.

It was a low-budget production in an age where pure driving videos were in short supply. In a way, it revolutionised how we consumed our automotive media and decades later we can see the results.

I was taken aback the other day when I discovered a video by YouTuber ‘' on my recommended page . The video in question showed him in a brand new GR Yaris driving around some slippery country roads. He was skidding around in a particularly flamboyant manner (making full use of the manual handbrake) and it struck me that the basics of this video were very similar to that of Tsuchiya’s.

They both show a skilled driver driving around some twisty roads with onboard shots and the odd show of drifting. Yes, ‘The Touge’ is both longer and more extensively edited, but the raw idea behind the two videos is exactly the same. It just shows how even though our media is more mainstream and accessible in this modern era, the basic premise behind it is the same in most cases. I’ve linked both videos below for you to peruse - they are both works of art in their own way and I find it interesting that watching a driver’s pure skill with minimal frills and editing trickery captivates such a large audience. Enjoy.

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