The Battle in Japan

1y ago


No doubt that this is one of the most important events this year, where automakers introduce new models and also produce concept cars to illustrate their future models. japanese automakers went bonkers with their cars to impress the world, most of which were concept cars. This shows that the japanese are still in the game for the future despite the amazing concepts revealed by the germans recently.

Lets start off with mitsubishi's "on the rocks" reputation. After "killing" most of its staggering models that include the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Gallant, Eclipse, and the Montero (also know as the Mitsubishi Pajero), it has returned this year with the Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION concept, despite sharing the same name as the legendary rally car "Evolution", it is completely different. It is an electric cross over.

Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION concept

Mazda has also joined in by revealing two concepts cars, the Mazda Kai Concept and the Vision Coupe Concept. Both cars take automotive design to another level, especially with the Mazda Vision Coupe Concept that seems to target some HUGE names in the market.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

Mazda Kai Concept

Subaru with a VIZIV Performance Concept.

Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept

Honda with a cute little electric sport car.

Honda EV Concept

The maker of the hideous Juke were also present.

Nissan IMx Concept

We can't mention Tokyo Motorshow without also mentioning Lexus, that had a hand in making the show interesting. A very beautiful and futuristic luxury sedan was their contribution to this year's Tokyo motor show.

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