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A great design or a tragedy!!

Lets talk about how BMW is taking it's safe design and inject it into all of his models. It is sad that BMW is not the only company that is taking that path. Since we are living in the modern age of marketing companies tend to do that, they design a car and wait for the consumers to react to that specific design, If it works then they continue to make their lineup as close as possible to that design.

2010 BMW series is a good example of how that evolution works. I remember around that time BMW's lineup was more diverse and each of the classes had their own unique look. Then BMW's design team came up with the most interesting design at that time... 2011 5-series!!!!

One of the richest designs in BMW's head quarters. perfect engine combined with perfect look. It came out with two models 3.0L 6 cylinder and 4.4L V8. When BMW saw the reaction from the consumers they started to realize that this is it, the design that can change everything for us!.... and it did.

I know that we live in a competitive market, and for car companies to survive, the best tactic is to change the face of their cars every year, but lets be honest do we really need that!? Do we really need to see a modified version of the same design every year?! The only thing I want to see is that the car companies take their time and design a lineup that is diverse but at the same time carry a story. A story that shows that we spend our time and resources to make an amazing piece of art!

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  • @Nicolò Sala yeah you are right Audi is more tolerable than the rest of them lol

      3 years ago
  • Audi rule of last 20 years!

      3 years ago