21w ago


Another day, another attempt by the BBC to make Top Gear the show it once was. (despite not taking any notice to over 1,000,000 people who signed a petition to keep Clarkson at the BBC)

I’m sure a most of you will have heard the news that Matt Le Blanc is leaving Top Gear, for some that’s sad news, for others brilliant, however the BBC has now chosen its replacements hosts…Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff. What the Shitting Fuck?

According to news sources the BBC want Top Gear to be funny again, which it never will. No matter how many times the BBC change the show the formula will never work as well as Clarkson, Hammond and May. We know the perfect formula for Top Gear. 3 middle aged men who like cars and hate each other. The end.

NOT a comedian, an ex-pro cricketer, a racing driver, a Formula one presenter and Rory Reid (I’ve no idea what else he has done). The BBC hope that with Paddy and Freddie the show can return to being Funny again. But they’ve forgotten one thing the cars.

A big part of Top Gear is cars. In fact, Top Gear used to be ‘A car show’. Not a comedian and ex cricketer trying to keep his TV career afloat who don’t have an interest in cars try and make a car show funny again

According to sources Rory Reid and Sabine Schmitz will still remain part of the show but will focus more on ‘Extra Gear’ with the others.

This angers me a lot, I think this is bad news, instead of giving the privilege of presenting the show to upcoming motoring journalists like James may and Richard Hammond back in the day, who have a real passion and love for cars, instead of giving it a panel show host and an ex-cricketer who regularly appears on panel shows to try and keep himself from falling into irrelevancy.