The Beachcomber: Barry's BMW E9

- A few weeks ago I shared a teaser set of photos featuring Barry's E9. Here's the full set that I shot on the coast during Monterey Car Week!
- This E9 is simple, classic, and perfectly modded for the street.
- Barry and his son Michael have been slowly building the car up over the course of the last few years. Cars have almost always been a pastime for them, and Barry originally started out with classic, American muscle cars.
- French headlights, a perfect ride height drop, a clean set of BBS, and a sleek, bumperless style. This E9 is one of my favorites because of its understated manner.
- A bit of camber pulled all around allows for a bit more lowering capability. Both father and son laugh about the challenges of driving the car as low as it sits. Beauty hurts, I suupose.
- The stance of this car is beautiful, and it's a great example of a modernized take on a classic chassis.
- Barry and Michael definitely don't build cars to win awards - they aren't concerned with that part of the community. They're here to have fun and enjoy cars with their friends.
- A simple and clean interior wraps up the package. Nothing flashy or unnecessary here.
- Dead Heads welcome here.
- As I shot this car on the beach, it became obvious that this is its habitat. I can only dream of hopping in the driver seat and cruising to the beach. What a perfect escape!
- And really, is it complete without a woodgrain Nardi?
- Barry explained that the car isn't quite finished, but he still enjoys it in all of its stages.
- I'd like to thank both Barry and Michael for sharing their stunning E9 with the world, and I can't wait to see what else they create in the future!

Straight from the Carmel coast, it's Barry's classic BMW!

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