The Beast Has Landed! - Kawasaki H2 SX

1y ago


We've been eagerly awaiting Kawasaki's new supercharged tourer ever since details were leaked to us last month.

EICMA has been full of wonderful surprises so far, and the new Ninja has to be near the top of the pile.

The more touring biased H2 has had a complete overhaul, especially the motor - new pistons, crank, supercharger tweaks, throttle bodies - the lot.

Kawasaki says it's to give a less fearsome response, whilst retaining the same levels of outright power. The new subframe is strengthened to carry panniers and the inevitable pillion

The whole package will be closer to the weight of their ZZ-R1400, with a longer wheelbase for added high-speed stability.

It'll also retain Kawasaki's KTRC electronics and traction control, which is nice.

Expect a price and launch date in the coming weeks.