The beautiful Alfa Romeo 156 Touring Car in all it´s 9.000Rpm Glory

Diethard Sternad is still racing his beautiful Alfa Romeo 156 Touring Car in 2019, and now faster than ever, with the Austrian driver showing more and more speed behind the wheel of the Italian STW model as years pass by.

The 310Hp/8.750Rpm 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Monster is one of the fastest FWD machines in the Sport, with its low total weight of 975Kg helping a lot, alongside its X-trac 6-speed Sequential Gearbox. More than that it is also a proper Touring Car from the same mould of all the famous BTCC/ETCC machines from the late 90´s and early 2000´s, that marked pretty much the end of an era of NA, highly tuned, highly developed Touring Car racers that we will probably never see again...

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