The beetle RSi

Remembering the car that made the new beetle a little less girly

4y ago

The new VW Beetle isn’t exactly an enthusiast's car ​when it was first revived for the 1997 model year the retro-inspired New Beetle was a cutesy brand icon that did not offer anything exciting for enthusiasts. Although it drew heavily on the iconic original Beetle designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the New Beetle was more of a curiosity than a new people’s car. Enthusiasts never flocked to the New Beetle for obvious reasons, like the flower pot or the dainty exterior styling, but VW built 250 examples that are sure to change your mind. VW took some basic hot rodding techniques and crammed their 3.2 liter VR6 engine and 4-Motion four wheel drive system into the Beetle to create the Beetle RSi, a limited edition track monster looking for redemption.

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  • I always secretly quite liked these.

      4 years ago