The beginning of a drift dream

2y ago


You know when you are a child and you always dream about owning a Super car? For some, it's Ferrari and Lambos, and for others, a simple drift car would be enough to achieve happiness. We are not talking about a 500 HP monster, we are talking about a RWD with enough power to have fun in a dry day. When I was 16 years old, I dreamed everyday with 240s, Supras and every drift car possible, but when you live in Brazil, it's almost impossible to own a car like those in here, especially because they are very rare and if you find one, it costs you your soul. I watched every single day a Youtube channel called INTERSTADUAL, they also are in Drivetribe too. Everyday I watch their video again and again dreaming on the day that i actually would be able to own my own drift car. Interstadual it's not only a drift team, they inspirate lots of guys like me, trying to build our drift machines in a country where everything is expensive gives you 2 optins, import a car from japan, or building a national drift car. So I decided to go with the cheaper option and I went after some Chevettes, Opel Kadettes C, Vauxhall Chevette, it have lots of names, but they look cool, they're cheap and they're RWD.

Opel Kadett C, image taken from Google

Opel Kadett C, Image taken from Google

The problem is that this version came only with 3 type of engines, 1.0 liter, with 50 HP, 1.4 liter, with 68 HP and 1.6 liter, with 73 HP, so even in the rain and welded diff, they are very hard to drift, but not impossible, so after owning my daily, I start looking for some Chevettes. They are very cheap compared to other cars in here, so it's eady to find one for about R$3.000 , that's almost U$1.000.

Opel Kadett C, image taken from google

I started looking infor some Ads and I found out this beauty, It was cheap, the engine was "healthy", it was in a good shape and it was near home, so I checked with some friends that already own the same model and they all support me, so I decided to buy it.

GM Chevette - 1.4 liter engine

GM Chevette - 1.4 liter egine

1.4 Liter of pure Brutality, with incredibles 68 HP

So let's Rip it home :D

Look at the happiness Face

What make me love this car is the old school style that you can feel when your driving it, for some people it's just an old low power car, but when you're driving it, its like in the 80's. I already had an old school steering wheel and that was my first Mod. After that, I called some friends and we all remove the parts that I didn't need anymore, like back seats, things from the previous owner and I already removed my front bumper, that actually it was just a piece of metal.

Steering Wheel - Checked PS: I'm still looking for a racing steering wheel, so this one is just temporary.

Removing the front "bumper"

Clearing the interior

After that I was looking in the internet for Bucket Seats and I found this Sparco, also, it were much better than what I was planning to buy, plus it already came with racing seat belt for the driver

So obviously that I couldn't wait until next Saturday to install it, but that's the point, how I'm going to install? This car is too old which the original seats were almost fixed, with no adjustment, so what I did? I took the original one, remove the back support and I removed the seating spot, remaining only the base of the structure. So my friend cutted some parts that weren't important and we welded the base plates that came with the bucket seat in to the base of the old one, painting in gloss black right after that.

Original base without the seat and back support

This way I still have the option to adjust my driver position.

Racing seat belt installed

After some welding, the final result

After some work, that whas the result

Just waiting for the rain...

Since the beginning, my project was always a street drifting car, so I'm not removing the interior or start looking to remove parts that are useless, I want to take it to the track and enjoy the same way as I enjoy in the street, in a rainy day with my friends.

Since the beginning, my project was always a street drifting car

Eduardo Fisch

I've starting training in the rain in this period, even with the open diff, sometimes I could drift all the way in a low power corner and I was having lots of fun.

After a month looking for Rims, I found this two badboys with a friend of mine, it came silver and I painted in White. Right after that I install it and that's how it's nowadays

I want to take it to the track and enjoy the same way as I enjoy in the street, in a rainy day with my friends.

Eduardo Fisch

I will be updating as soon as the new mods are coming, probably for next year I'm going to buy a turbo kit, coil overs and I will be posting our Drift meets, our shenanigans, hoonages and a lot of interesting stuff related to drift! Keep drifting fun and see you around!

Eduardo Fisch - Sucata Spec

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