The Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible is the 208mph drop-top everyone wants

B​entley has just revealed the Continental GT Speed and it is absolutely sublime.

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

B​entley has just unveiled the brand-new Continental GT Speed Convertible. It‘s the W12 convertible which that transports its passengers at speeds of up to 208mph in the most luxurious way.


O​ut of all the Continental variants, the Speed versions are the most driver and performance-oriented ones of the bunch and the Continental GT Speed Convertible proves this in perfect fashion.

D​espite it being a 2-tonne convertible, the GT Speed Convertible has got a top speed of 208mph and getting there doesn’t take that long. 0-60mph can be done in just 3.6 seconds. This staggering performance is all thanks to the car’s 6.0-litre W12 engine which produces 650 bhp.

E​ssentially, what Bentley have done is built a GT car which can outperform most supercars.


Y​es, it may seem weird to dedicate an entire section of this article to the chassis of a car however, the chassis of the GT Speed Convertible is so technologically advanced to the point where it has to be spoken about.

T​here are three different driving modes, each one is tailored to a certain driving style. There‘s BENTLEY, COMFORT and SPORT mode.

I​n BENTLEY and COMFORT mode, power and torque is balanced between the front and rear wheels; resulting in a controlled drive. However, switch the driving mode to SPORT and you will immediately notice that the car becomes rear-biased - this allows for more aggressive driving and possibly even some sideways action.

Moreover, the s​uspension is also adjusted as you shift through these three different driving modes as it is in the Bentayga and the standard Continental GT.

F​or a bit of extra money, you can fit your Bentley with carbon ceramic brakes - this will ensure that the car’s stopping power is equally impressive as its going power.


B​entley describe it as a “statement of true sporting purpose“ and it’s safe to say they’re right. Like the other Continental variants, the GT Speed Convertible follows Bentley’s new aggressive design language.

T​he roof can be specced in seven different colours and yes, this does include tweed. Other colours include blue, black, grey and claret. You can raise or stow the roof in 19 seconds at speeds of up to 30mph meaning that you won’t have to worry about pulling over if you want a change of atmosphere.

A​ll Speed models come with darker accents. For example, the radiator grille and lower bumper grille are now tinted; giving the car a much more sinister look.


T​he interior of the GT Speed Convertible does not really differ too much when compared to the cabins of other Continentals however, this is in no way a bad thing.

As soon as you step foot inside of the cabin, you’ll immediately be taken away by the car’s beautiful combination of modern technology and classic design. Quilted leather is something that you will only find in a Bentley - it is about as iconic as it is good to look at. Moreover, the infotainment system of the GT Speed Convertible is absolutely perfect. It gives you access to all the information you need whilst also not confusing you with things you don’t want to know about.

As standard, you get Piano Black veneer however there is the option to fit your Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible with Crown Cut, Dark Stain Burr Walnut or Fiddleback Eucalyptus for no extra cost... let’s just hope that they’re not as peculiar as their names.

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  • Not my bag. If wanted this type of car, I’d just get a DBS Superleggera Volante (though the coupe is better)

      2 months ago
  • Coupe is a far better bodystyle especially in wet climates unless you like mouldy cars

      2 months ago
  • I would have a coupe if I had to but I would take any of the competition instead

      2 months ago
  • no I want the non-convertible one

      2 months ago
  • I was playing on the configurator for this for ages yesterday.

      2 months ago