The Berg-Cup version of the exquisite Renault R8 Gordini

The Rear-Engined Classic from Renault transformed into a 180Hp/740Kg Racing Machine

Among the great Renault Sport units owned by the Wiebe family on Germany, the most Iconic one is probably this beautiful R8 Gordini. Starting its Racing over 20 years ago, it nowadays only races on special occasions but it certainly is still a very special machine. Here it is in one of its last competitive outings at Wolsfeld Hillclimb 2012.

The Rear Engined French Classic is powered here by the 1.3L NA unit in 16 valve form, producing around 180Hp, which is plenty given that total weight is only 740Kg. This is an engine made from the cross of a the original Renault Engine block but now featuring a Honda CBR1300 Fireblade head. Adding to that such goodies as Sachs suspensions and an Hewland Sequential Gearbox and the final result is an exquisite machine that really lives up to the Gordini designation and the Wiebe family standards as some of the fastest competitors in the Berg-Cup series in every Class they enter in...

And speaking of that, we may have some big news lined up bout something much more modern coming from their garage....

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