The Berg-Cup version of the Renault Clio Williams Maxi

Taking the Iconic Rally Car Hatchback into the German Hillclimb scene

A bit of a blast from the past, this was the very cool Renault Clio Williams Maxi driven by Thomas Flik for over a decade on the German Berg-Cup series. Built originally for Rallying as a 2-0L Kit-Car, it is powered by the 2.0L, F7R engine here with 250Hp/8.400Rpm. Watch how quick it is, here at Wolsfeld HillClimb 2014:

Using a Sadev ST75 6-speed Sequential Gearbox and further lightened from the original Rally Car is based on, from ( the minimum required in WRC) 960Kg to 900Kg, it raced until 2015 when a crash ended its career and many of its mechanical parts were then transferred to the Renault Mégane Maxi now run by Flik Motorsport.

But honestly, we still prefer this Clio Mk1....

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