The Berg-Cup version of the Renault Clio Williams Maxi

      Taking the Iconic Rally Car Hatchback into the German Hillclimb scene

      A bit of a blast from the past, this was the very cool Renault Clio Williams Maxi driven by Thomas Flik for over a decade on the German Berg-Cup series. Built originally for Rallying as a 2-0L Kit-Car, it is powered by the 2.0L, F7R engine here with 250Hp/8.400Rpm. Watch how quick it is, here at Wolsfeld HillClimb 2014:


      Using a Sadev ST75 6-speed Sequential Gearbox and further lightened from the original Rally Car is based on, from ( the minimum required in WRC) 960Kg to 900Kg, it raced until 2015 when a crash ended its career and many of its mechanical parts were then transferred to the Renault M├ęgane Maxi now run by Flik Motorsport.

      But honestly, we still prefer this Clio Mk1....

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