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I recently did a poll asking DriveTribe users what their favourite McLaren model was and now, I've complied the information together into a handy list format.

So here are the ten McLaren's I selected for the poll, ranked from least favourite to most favourite.

10. 675LT | 0%

This one took me by surprise when I was looking at the poll. No one voted for one of the best McLaren road cars this side of the P1. The 675LT has great looks, excellent handling and was good value for money when compared to the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

It was also the first "long tail" McLaren since the F1 GT Longtail and motoring journalists loved it.

9. 570S | 1.9%

McLaren's baby supercar beat out the 675LT by a margin. The 570S is McLaren's second most affordable supercar, starting at £149,000. For the money, you get 562bhp and a 204mph top speed. That's insane performance for a really good price.

However, this doesn't stop it being second to last in this list.

8. MP4-12C | 2.8%

The MP4-12C was McLaren's comeback car when it was revealed to the world in 2009. Yes, this car is nearly 10 years old! It's aged really well too, with prices of second hand ones starting at roughly £100,000.

This 592bhp supercar was a great comeback for McLaren but it wasn't as good as it's successor.

7. 650S | 5.6%

The 650S was a huge improvement over the MP4-12C. It ushered in McLaren's well known design language, more power, more usability and it managed to scare both the Ferrari 458 and 488. The 650S came with 642bhp, a 207mph top speed and state of the art adaptive suspension.

It faired better than the 675LT in this poll, which is surprising.

6. 600LT | 8.4%

The 600LT is the hardcore version of the 570S and has proved to be a success in terms of track performance and value for money. For £185,500, you are getting a car which can worry a lot of cars twice its value when it comes to on track performance.

Sadly, the 600LT didn't make it to the top 5 spot.

5. Senna | 8.4%

Before the Speedtail came, McLaren's flagship was the Senna which is part of their Ultimate Series line of hypercars. The Senna is based on the 720S and takes it to the next level. The doors have three separate windows, there is race car levels of aero all over the car and it has McLaren's 4.0 V8 which pumps out 789bhp.

There is a Senna GTR on the way which is set to be even faster than the standard Senna.

4. Speedtail | 9.3%

With only 106 being built at over £2 million a piece, the Speedtail is bound to be a hit. It's certainly one of the stand out cars of the 2010s and will no doubt end up on a 'Greatest Cars of the 2010s' list in the early 2020s.

The 1035bhp, three seat hyper-GT is the spiritual successor to the F1 in terms of rarity, power and sheer coolness. I only think it came in at 4th place is due to it's polarising looks.

3. 720S | 11.2%

My personal favourite is the 720S. And for it to come third place is rather respectable considering what lays ahead. The 720S is McLaren current model in the Super Series line with its twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine producing 710bhp, 568lb ft of torque, a 0-60mph time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 212mph.

You get all that performance for £208,600. This car is more powerful than a Ferrari Enzo which costs five times as much. The 720S is a supercar bargain.

2. P1 | 15.9%

The P1 was and still is McLaren's first car and it was part of the 'Holy Trinity' which consisted of the P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. The P1 made it to number two on this list meaning it is the best of the modern McLaren's since the relaunch in 2009 with the MP4-12C.

I love the P1 and it would be the car I would take home with me if I were to choose one car from the 'Holy Trinity'.

1. F1 | 36.4%

It's no surprise that the F1 came first in the poll. It's an iconic car for multiple reasons. It was a world record holder too, for a number of years with its top speed of 243mph. The three seat layout was also a feature that made the F1 standout from its competition.

It's clear why the F1 came first and I expected it to be in first place.

What do you think?

Do you agree with these results? Leave a comment with your thoughts. Did your favourite not get in the top 5? Let me know.

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