I'm going to cut to the quick here. I've used the Porsche online configurator to "build" my own 911 992 Carrera S and it looks splendid, I'm taking no argument here, everything is perfect from the exterior colour to the interior and the options I've chosen.

It is powered by a 2981 cc twin-turbo flat-six developing 450 PS and 530 Nm of torque, coupled with Porsche's DPK (Doppelkupplung - dual clutch) 8-speed gearbox. It does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 308 kph (191 mph).


I've selected the Lizard Green option for the body, with the roof and the wing mirrors made of carbon fibre, SportDesign side skirt and front apron. The model designation on both doors is in silver colour, and so are the exhaust tips, whereas the "911" logo is in gold, 'cause why not?

The car sits on 20'' Carrera Classic wheels at the front, and 21'' at the back, and the outer lip is painted gloss black. The car is equipped with PCCB (Ceramic Composite brakes) with black calipers.


For the interior I've selected Graphite Blue leather with contrast crayon stitching, and the seat belts in Lizard green to match the exterior. You're going to have to admit that's a nice touch. I've added a tonne of stuff inside. The dial of the tachometer is white whereas the Sport Chrono stopwatch instrument dial is lizard green, like the exterior and the seat belts.

The roof, the sun visors and the GT steering wheel are all made in Alcantara, whereas bits and bobs of the dashboard, and the PDK gear selector, are made of aluminium.


Most of the things I wanted are fitted as standard, can't really complain about any of it, so in the end, all I've done is choose the colours and materials. As this was the international version of the configurator, no price is quoted because it may vary depending on selected markets.

In the US, the 911 Carrera S has a base price of $97,400 and in fairness I did add a lot of things, some of which are definitely going to be quite expensive like the ceramic brakes and the Burmester High-End sound system, and whenever you see the word "Alcantara" being used, you already know that's gonna cost a lot.

The good news is, I'm broke so I won't be able to afford it any way.

The bad news is, I'm broke and I won't be able to afford it any way. Bugger.

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