The best 911 yet!

I flogged the 2017 porsche 911s around napa valley and it is perfect.

4y ago

This is the best damn car I've driven all year! These were my immediate thoughts when I flogged the 2017 Porsche 911S around Napa Valley, California's undulating and twisty roads. The car is truly perfection. And I may have called other cars on this list "perfect", but if you want to hold me to the fire and really get a full and complete car, then the 2017 911 is it without a doubt. I mulled over this article by first wanting to say nothing other than the first sentence and leave it at that. It is, after all, sufficient in that one sentence to let you know all one needs to know about the car. But this is a magazine and people buy it to read articles, so I relented to my staff and am continuing to write the praises of the Stuttgart based company.
So what is it that makes the2017 Porsche 911 the best damn car I've driven all year? Well, a lot of things. First off let's get to the styling of the car. For the 2017 model year, Porsche chose to differentiate the 911 by having the once horizontal cooling fins on the engine compartment vertical. And if you are an astute Porsche nerd like myself, you will instantly recognize the vertical fins from the old 356 model cars from the 1950's. In addition, the exhaust cut outs in the rear are mounted in different places to differentiate the different models of cars and if you purchase the sport exhaust. There are two round exhausts, one on each side of the rear for the standard Carrera model, while the Carrera S model gets 4 round tips, 2 per side. And finally, if you throw down some extra cash you can purchase the sport exhaust that has two centrally mounted tips for added horsepower and panache.
The biggest and by far most controversial change for ALL 2017 Porsche 911's is that the engine, no matter what model, is now turbocharged. Yes, naturally aspirated cars have gone the way of the dinosaur for Porsche. But how it is you ask? Well, what used to be a 3.8 liter lump has been changed out for a 3.0 liter turbo engine that produces 420hp and 368lb ft of torque, which is precisely 20 more horsepower and 43 for foot pounds of torque. Impressive for such a diminutive engine! Porsche has had a long history of fantastic turbo cars and their intimate knowledge of the system is vast. It therefore comes as no surprise that the turbos fitted to each car I tried performed flawlessly. There is no turbo lag or other such nonsense that only Porsche purists can come up with. Instead, you find a car that is responsive and full of great low end torque. The car pulls through the gears to terrifying levels of speed.

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