- BMW E60 M5, the best sedan in my opinion

The BEST and WORST car ever from each main type of car powerplant and body style

I hope you agree with at least one of these...

Hello fellow inhabitants of the earth who can read! Today, I am going to tell you the best and worst cars from every main type of powerplant and body style. Sorta like Car and Driver's 10best, but for all cars, EVER. There will be 10 body styles and powerplants, and those will be: sedan, SUV/crossovers, truck, hatchback, minivan, convertible, sports car, station wagon, rotary powered, and finally, EV. Then, at the end, you people are going to do a poll for what the best and worst cars on this list. I have a feeling that the Yugo will be the worst. But only one car can be crowned the GCOAT (Greatest Car Of All Time) Well, let's get started!


The best sedan: BMW M5 (praticulary E60 gen)

The BMW M5. The most iconic super sedan of all time. But there is one generation that I think is better than the rest...the E60! The E60 M5 was the only M5 with A NATURALLY ASPIRATED V10! And it gets even better. The usually sell for less than a Camry. You can buy a Camry, or a 500hp, V10 powered, M5. Look at this beautiful 26k miles, no accidents, E60 M5 that sold for $26,000 on BaT.

Also, you might be wondering why I chose this over something like an S65 AMG, or something like that. Well, because styling. I have never been a fan of mid-2000s Mercedes-Benz styling, and I think the M5 looks more futuristic, and just looks better in general. But these are just such a bargain. They might have a few reliability problems, but come on, you don't need to daily it because it is so cheap. On to the worst sedan!

The worst sedan: Cadillac Cimarron

Ugly, and horrendous. But are you thinking this is a Chevy Cavalier. Well, you're right! I bet that an honest advertising poster would say: "This is the new econobox Cadillac, a rebadged Chevy Cavalier aka the Cimarron! Like it?" Well, in my opinion, this is the worst sedan ever. It is a rebadged Chevy known as the Cimarron. But the biggest problem? IT HAD NO UPGRADES OVER THE CHEVY! I bet the idea is that people would buy it for the badge, not the car. Here is a pic of the Chevy Cavalier to compare the two. Next up, SUV's!

I had to put the image that said "the complete car" ๐Ÿ˜

I had to put the image that said "the complete car" ๐Ÿ˜


The best SUV/crossover: Toyota Land Cruiser

All Land Cruisers are great, but I chose a 2020 Heritage Edition for the image.

All Land Cruisers are great, but I chose a 2020 Heritage Edition for the image.

The Toyota Land Cruiser. Iconic. Reliable. Capable. The Land Cruiser is such an amazing car. It can go off-road, it is incredibly reliable, and I don't know why people buy Range Rovers over them. They also hold their value incredibly well. It is a reliable, and better Range Rover. It is also better than a G-Wagen because it dosen't have the same aerodynamic capability as a filing cabinet, and it isn't a freaking war vehicle (the German army uses stripped out versions). It also isn't a status symbol (unlike the G-Wagen and Range Rover). The Land Cruiser is just an amazing car, and the best SUV. Change my mind. Next up, the worst car in one of the worst body styles (I hate %95 of SUV's).

The worst SUV/crossover: Porsche 955 Cayenne

The horrible 955

The horrible 955

This is the worst Porsche ever (a lot of you people probably agree). Porsche somehow made a car worse than the 996. Possible? I didn't think so, until I saw this. This car is basically an uglier, rebadged Audi Q7. Fun fact: A LOT OF IT IS SHARED WITH THE VW TOUAREG! IF YOU ARE PAYING $70K FOR A LUXURY SUV, YOU PROBABLY DON'T WANT IT TO SHARE PARTS WITH A $40K VW SUV! Enough ranting. The point is, never, ever buy this car. It is ugly, and it shares a platform with 2 cheaper cars. You also might be wondering why the Pontiac Aztek isn't here. WELL THAT IS BECAUSE THE AZTEK DIDN'T START AT $60K! Finally, we can escape the SUV's. Onto crossovers! Yay...


The best truck: Ram 1500 TRX

This is my favorite truck. I mean, come on. It has a 707-hp Hellcat engine, you can take it off road, and you can daily drive it. Also, Hennessey is making a 6x6 one. It is incredibly cool, and this is my opinion. I bet a lot of you people were expecting me to put the Ford F-Series or something. Next up to bat the worst pickup. It is another Ram/Dodge/Chrysler product though...

The worst pickup: Dodge Dakota Convertible

The Dodge Dakota was a perfectly fine pickup. But a convertible pickup? Really? The other problem is that is is a 90s pickup, and in my opinion, it looks bad. It was a horrible idea from the start but let's be real, Chrysler was accepting LITERALLY EVERYTHING in the 90s. But this was one of the more bad ideas. Thank god it ended production after 3 years.


The best hatchback: Brabus B45

I love sleeper cars. To the average eye, this looks like a regular Mercedes-Benz hatchback. But that is the thing with all hot hatches. The are fast, yet unassuming. I already love the regular A45 S, but a faster one is even cooler. This was one of the harder choices because I love so many hatchbacks, yet I couldn't choose one. But this one is my favorite. A lot of you people are going to be saying that the VW Golf GTi is better, or the Focus RS is. They are great cars, but this is my personal opinion. Oh yeah, it is faster than a base F-Type. On to the worst hatchback, and it is kind of obvious.

The worst hatchback: The Yugo 45

The first thing I am going to ask is: Is it possible to make the Fiat 127/128 worse? Zastava (the company that made the Yugo) says yes. But it isn't Zastava's fault. It's someone named Malcolm Bricklin who brought the Yugo to America, and assisted comedy routines for the next 20 years. You might recognize the name Bricklin. That is because he made the Bricklin SV-1. And Subaru Of America, but he made one car called the 360, which was real bad, and then sold the company. So he basically did nothing for Subaru, and what it had turned into. Back to the Yugo, it was just a horrible car. And here is a Yugo joke: Q: What do you call a Yugo with steering? A: Modified.


The best minivan: Honda Odyssey

I think this one is the best because my family has one. It is also a great car. I know that from experience. It is reliable, and comfortable. The styling is decent, and it has enough space. This sounds like some lame car review, so let me get to the point: there are a ton of cool modified ones, and it is not like there are any 500-hp Chrysler Pacificas with a roll cage out there! Heres a pic of a modified one.

The worst minivan: Fiat Multipla

One of the most ugly cars of all time. It is also a Fiat. Fiat makes good small cars, but when they try to make something bigger...yeah, nothing good happens. I don't know how to even design a car this ugly, like are they thinking it is futuristic or something? Anyways, when you can buy a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna, I bet you don't want to pull up to the school carpool lane in this. Convertible time!


The best convertible: Porsche 718 Spyder

It's base price might be in 911 territory, but I love it so much more than a base 911 Cabriolet. The options are better and you can still get it with a manual. RWD, 4.0 L Flat Six. Perfect. It is also faster than the 911 Carrera, 911 Carrera Cabriolet, 911 Carrera 4, and the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. All of those cars cost more than the 718 Spyder. All of a sudden, that $98k base price doesn't seem so expensive... Anyways, it is a Boxster that is better than the Boxster, and I love it.

The worst convertible: Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

Even more horrendous than the one with a room, the PT Cruiser Convertible is one of the worst cars ever. It is even worse with the wood body panels. But the biggest problem: it's a mid-2000s Chrysler. The only thing good that came from Chrysler in that era was the Viper. The other problem: 1,000,000 PT Cruisers were made. To put that into perspective, the Corvette took 40 years to do that. Yet the Corvette is wayyyyyyyy better. This is just such a bad car, it makes me wonder why Chrysler (not Dodge or Ram, just the one that makes the 300) hasn't gone bankrupt.

Sports Car's

The best sports car: Porsche 911

Coming from a very Porsche biased perspective, the 911 is one of the greatest cars ever. The Corvette is legendary to, and it comes in a close second, but I hate the C4, C5, and the C6. To me, they are just ugly. For the 911, there is only one generation that I hate: the 996. I hate the 996 because they have gotten so cheap, and it seems like you can just buy it for the badge. One of this same spec above (yellow 1970 911 T Targa 2.2) was owned by my grandpa, and that makes me like the 911 even more. And finally, you can't get the Corvette with a manual, and you still can get one on the 911. And this is why the 911 will always be the best sports car.

Another great sports car: McLaren F1

The McLaren F1. Known by many as the greatest car EVER. Not just the 20th century (mostly because nothing better has came out). EVER. But it is the greatest car, so why does the Porsche 911 earn the best sports car title? Because th 911 is more iconic. The 911 is also more accessible. So well the F1 might be the best car, the 911 is more iconic and more easily accessible. Also, Porsche is my favorite car company.

The worst sports car: 1976 Dodge Charger

It is funny how just 6 years before, this was a great, and popular muscle car. Then it turns into this ugly, unreliable, and slow piece of crap. Hard to be even considered a sports car/muscle car. It wasn't made well, and therefore, it lacked the speed of being a sports car/muscle car (just like the DeLorean, with its 1.2 L Peugeot engine). This build quality also resulted in a very short life cycle. Station wagon time!

Station wagons

The best station wagon: Brabus 850 E63

The second Brabus on the list. Fast wagons are some of the coolest things to me because you can take it to a drag strip, have everyone laugh at you, than smoke the modded Z/28's in the race. Oh yeah, this one also has EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY EIGHT horsepower. What kinda daily driver needs that? That is the point. No one needs it, so it is awesome and cool. I chose the over the Alpina B5 Wagon because BMW doesn't make a regular M5 wagon. Well, the E61 M5 Wagon was incredibly cool, but unreliable, so it doesn't meet all of my criteria.

The worst station wagon: AMC Pacer Wagon

Who knew how to make the AMC Pacer worse? AMC of course! The AMC Pacer was one of those horrible, "econo-box" cars from the '70s, a decade that brought the world a lot of cars we don't want to remember. This car is basically an extended AMC Pacer, and around 280,000 Pacers were built in the production run. I bet a small percentage of those were wagons.

Rotary Powered Cars!

The best rotary powered car: any car from the Mazda RX serie

Rotary engined cars are fascinating. Minus the part that the engine was created by a Nazi, but let's leave that part out. The Mazda RX series cars are incredibly cool, rotary engined cars. There are a lot of interesting, rotary powered cars out there (such as the Chevy Aerovette and the NSU Ro80), Mazda turned it into something iconic. I chose this pic of an RX-7 because the RX-7 is my favorite of all RX series Mazda's, and drift build RX-7's are incredibly cool. But not the LS-swapped ones. Just the rotary ones.

The worst rotary powered car: AMC Pacer

Believe it or not, the AMC Pacer was supposed to be rotary powered. Use the interwebs if you don't believe me. You people already heard me ramble on about the AMC Pacer earlier, so I won't do it again. Now time for EV's! Picking the worst one will be a challenge...

Electric Vehicles, the non-future of our planet

Thanks Greta Thunberg.

The best EV: Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo

This is an EV that is cool. Well, in my opinion it is. It is the fastest wagon on earth, so it is cool because an RS6 Avant is cooler than a Urus. Oh yeah, is the RS6 off road ready? Probably not, but this wagon is AND it is faster. The one flaw: The headlights Porsche stole from McLaren. But hey, its an EV!

The worst EV: Corbin Sparrow

90% chance you haven't heard of this car. Well, before I get to the good parts of this car (there are none, you will be reading honorable mentions by then), I will list the bad parts: It has 3 wheels, it has one door, power came in at just 20 kW, it had a top speed of 70 mph, and finally, it costed 30 GRAND, WITHOUT SHIPPING AND TAXES! That is enough to get a new Accord, or a V10 powered, E60 M5! The point is, it isn't worth 5 grand (USD, if you are wondering) in my opinion, and it isn't even a good car! It is worth less than winning a MrBeast Minecraft challenge! Really!

Hello again, thanks for reading this article, and I hope you enjoyed it! I also hope you agree with at least one of these opinions. Here are a few honorable mentions that are close to being the greatest, but not in my opinion. At the end, there will be a couple of polls, to see what is the best car (honorable mentions not included).

Station wagons: BMW E61 M5 Touring and Alpina B5 BiTurbo

E61 M5 Touring

E61 M5 Touring

Alpina B5 BiTurbo

Alpina B5 BiTurbo

These are both great 200 mph wagons. I mean come on, a V10 powered STATION WAGON! That is epic. But here is the problem. BMW doesn't make an M5 wagon anymore. That is just stupid. You have to buy the Alpina version instead, which is annoying. So there is nothing wrong with the E61, but you have to buy the Alpina one instead to get one new. And the E61 is pretty rare, so it is hard to find one of those nowadays.

Convertible: Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda Miata is fun, cheap, and practical. You just can't hate it. The reason it isn't the best in my opinion is because they haven't really been the best since the original Miata, and as a Porsche enthusiast, I will love the Boxster more. The other problem: Miata owners. If one Miata owner starts talking about how they modded theirs, it could go on for hours (example: "oh, you got the ABC right front fender? I got the XYZ front fender."). I'm pretty sure Boxster owners are not like that because modded Boxsters aren't as common as a modded Miata.

Sport's car: Chevy Corvette

Another one of the great sports cars, the Corvette is one of the most iconic cars ever. But as you know, I am a Porsche enthusiast, and I just like the 911 more. If you want to know, my favorite Corvette is the one pictured above, a 1963 split-window in Sebring Silver.

Poll time! These are polls for the best and worst cars because I want to see what is the best and worst car on this list. Also, I want some ideas to do a car battle series, like 1960s sports car, or 2010s SUV's.

If you got here-congrats! Thanks for reading my article! G'bye!

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  • the 1st gen cayenne sucks ๐Ÿ…ฑut every other cayenne is okay. also the pt cruiser convertible is just crappy same as the cimarron, like why would u rebadge the cheapest econobox to be sold as a luxury brand, also that 1976 dodge charger must be slow as hell, i would rather have the charger not be sold in the gas crisis of the 70s and early 80s also the amc pacer wagon and the corbin sparrow are just bad. (fun fact the pacer came with a 5.0 liter v8)

      2 months ago
  • there is going to be some idiot saying the yugo is a good car.

      2 months ago
  • Kiddo, unplug your RCs before you derogate cars that meant something to someone decades before you were born.

      2 months ago
  • Simply genius here. I'm so glad to see someone else appreciated the Cimmarron as much as I do. Although calling a Yugo a car is a bit of a stretch. And the FJ80 land cruiser would have been my pick of the Cruisers too, but I'm partial. Very good list, well reasoned.

      1 month ago
  • The F1 is a hypercar not sports car, and the 570S is better than the 911. According to Porsche expert the 570S technically plays as a sports car. If so, the McLaren trounces the 911

      3 months ago
    • If you read the title, it was best cars of ALL TIME, not just the 2010s. And the 992 Turbo S is better. And I put the F1 in sports cars because there was no point in having a super car class if the article is about the best and worst cars of all time.

        3 months ago
    • The Turbo/Turbo S is a GT car, according to Randy Pobst. The supercars are the GT2 and GT3 spec cars.

      And there are terrible supercars. Ever heard of the BMW i8?

        3 months ago