The best and worst colour co-ordinations!

Can any two-tone duo beat the unmatched beauty of this Bronze-Black Captur?

In order to look good on the road, looks are pretty much everything. It's why we spend hours and hours endlessly configurating cars to match our picture perfect visionary. But with such a broad range of options available in 21st century life, it is easy to get bogged down by the stress of being 'spoilt for choice' and with the click of a single button could tear apart all of your hard earned street cred for buying a neon green Yaris with a bright orange roof.

So today I'm taking a look into the world of colour co-ordinating, and doing all the difficult work for you......showing what works and what is simply unacceptable. Your freedoms are no more, you shall pick what a random Drivetribe user has decided you think looks best. Good, let's begin.

The Soul EV:

Oooooh they love a good duo-tone car, KIA do. The Soul has throughout all of its life been a strong ambassador of the colour matching design scheme. It not only makes the Soul even more tastefully unique than it already is, but makes your offering to the car's final look more personal again! Kia give you a bunch of bold choices like a shiny sea blue or a stronger blood red. However, they are wise with their freedom grantings, because instead of mix and matching your only designated duo-tone colours, they do it for you! Leaving you with a few (granted limited) options depending on your location. I find this blue-black Soul absolutely terrific from any angles.

What an adorable little hatchback. I love it.

What an adorable little hatchback. I love it.

The I3:

Sticking with hatchbacks here but heading east from Korea to Germany, where we find ourselves with the utterly magnificent little i3. BMW give a bit more free reign than Kia when it comes to your configurating. The black roof can be matched with a great few possible colour options, and all of them are honestly stunning. However, while it seems you can't go wrong, there are certain options that are......'more right'. Take a look at this.

I am neither a fan of white or black cars, but combined on the i3 and it's very fresh looking. And that sorta darkish blue is beautiful even in itself.

Oh hang on, turns out you can go wrong after all with this car.

So black and black might not be what you consider two-tone but you may notice that these are two different shades of black in actual fact. Either way I don't think it works and in this scenario you should really use the same one colour all round. As for the gold, I love the unique colour options, but here and with the black I'm not really sold.

The Bentayga V8 First Edition:

My love for Bentley extends endlessly it really does. Quintessentially British in every possible manner while even in the trusty hands of German ownership. So naturallty I was quite looking forward to their striking ideas of two-tone availabilities. Now, what I found certainly was striking, but not the kind of striking I was expecting, or hoping for.

Bentley's colour options are to put it simply, abhorent. It is incredible what you can do to a Bentayga to completely obliterate its very place in existence as a confident but relaxed well intentioned luxury SUV. Just look at that appalling cream-orange look!!! How could they!?!?!?The blues are revolting, purply-white is never going to work, blue and black shouldn't even co-exist anyhwere nevermind on a car, and then the weird greys don't go together at all! Of all the people I would've expected to burn our eyes with duo-tone options, I never would've gambled on Bentley.

Still if you really want a Bentley you can always have one or two more civil options:

Ok that green in itself is gonna be hugely controversial I'm sure. But I like it, kinda posh.........and most Bentley owners (if not drug dealers) are going to be rather posh. Let's see what you think:

The Kicks:

Ok so if like me you are a civilised European, you might not know this car. Americans and Canadians rejoice meanwhile, this is your Nissan Kicks as you'll know. Look past the ridiculous name and you've a tasteful little car there. I quite like it. What I like more however is its freedom to expore the colours section. And I find these duo-tones very cool indeed!

What a fascinating little car I love it. Now, be careful here because when you see this next configuration you may be a bit confused:

Yes, I featured orange and grey before, so as was said by Ariana Grande, 'switching their positions' shouldn't change a thing. But for me, I think it does. Orange body and grey roof is very cool. But the other way around doesn't sit as well with me. Just aesthetically wrong.

Now class dismissed:

I hope you enjoyed this lesson in colour co-ordination and have learnt MANY things as to what is okay according to my little dream world of perfection. Moral of the story is make your decisions around what I want only.

em......I am joking btw.....for the keyboard warriors out there.

Thank you for reading!!!

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