the best automotive podcasts you should listen to

Here are five of my favourite automotive podcasts that I think you might enjoy

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In this day and age podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment with many figures in the car world either appearing on or starting their own. I would take myself as a regular listener to many different podcasts in the automotive space, here are five of my favourites.

behind the glass

I’m starting off with a fairly classic styled podcast, hosted by Sam from the YouTube channel ‘Seen Through Glass’ and his car dealer co-host, Tony. The pair of them focus on one topic each podcast to investigate and discuss, regarding the car industry and occasionally Formula 1. This podcast offers simple and straight forward content for a casual listen.

the smoking tyre podcast

Hosted by Matt Farah, this podcast bares influence from car culture over in the states. Farah has established himself as a considerable voice of reason from producing videos for ‘The Drive’ channel on YouTube, before forming his own infamous ‘One Take’ series, driving and reviewing highly modified cars. His podcast features great insight from his own experience in the industry and also from the guests he draws in from all over the globe.

the drivetribe podcast

This one is brought to you by the editorial team here on DriveTribe. The podcast is filled with chat about all the most notable car related news from the week, gathered into one place. On top of this is the occasional episode featuring a special guest, generally an influential figure from the motoring media.

drivenation on cars

By the journalistic duo of Dan Prosser and Andrew Frankel is the Instagram based outlet of short news, opinion, review and feature articles. The pair also now have a podcast which I consider highly underrated. Each week they first discuss any hot car and motorsport news that has risen, then they go further in depth on their audience’s favourite of their posts from that week.

the collecting cars podcast

My personal favourite listen would be by Chris Harris and Edward Lovett. Launched alongside their online car auction platform is a series of conversations with each episode featuring a special guest, and they often are special. The majority of those who come along to record an episode are friends of Chris, usually journalists. An episode I highly recommend would be that with ex-WRC co-driver, Nicky Grist.

what automotive podcast do you RECOMMEND?

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