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Gaming is a growing industry. Such that it has got a seperate gaming tribe on Drivetribe. Different people have different interests, so here is a guide of games for all people with different interests.

For the Grand Tour Fan

What better way to start this list by talking about the Grand Tour Game. It comes as a relief for fans to stay induldged with the gaming and the Grand Tour. I would say it is the Game of the Year. But we are still waiting for its PC version...

For the All season All Car lover

Forza Horizon 4 provides the best realism. It allows you to drive hundreds of cars in four different seasons. The best cars from every era are there. Whether you’re cruising around, becoming a part of forests in a Land Rover or clinging onto a hypercar in a street race, Forza Horizon 4 is satsifies all of your road trip dreams.

For the VR lover

HTC Vive Pro McLaren is here for people who like everything in VR. But ready to see your bank balance fall down as all this costs £1,450. The Vive Pro is the most advanced consumer-grade VR headset requiring a hefty PC boasting alot of pixels. When you slide into the cockpit of one of the three classic McLaren F1 cars included in the bundled copy of rFactor 2 you actually feel you're nestled in the cockpit.

For the F1 Fan

Till now Youtube has been flooded with loads of F1 2018 Career modes and why not, the game has eveolved a lot this year with making answer questions of the press. All the technical elements of F1 are turned into entertaining gameplay features and couple that with wheel-to-wheel action with AI or real people in online, and you end up with one of the finest motorsport games.

For the Relaxed Driver

The Crew 2 has been one of the finest games ever, because it understands that Racing games aren't all about hectic racing. They can also include cruising around with friends, soaking up the beautiful scenery. Regardless of how you get around, the Crew 2 never gets on your head and tires your mind.

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