The Best Driving Roads, or Absolute Pollocks? Drivl Investigates….

1y ago


I often play a game while walking my dog called ‘Log or Log?’ Basically it entails guessing whether the perceivably wooden object we're approaching is indeed, of Mother Nature's doing or alternatively created in more recent times by way of a canines’ rectal passage. And that’s largely because canine faecal matter can often appear twig-like in its presentation; and ergo promoting this momentary confusion.

Maintaining the passage theme, and it came to my attention of late, that sometimes aerial views of certain iconic road layouts - think the Stelvio Pass and the Nurburgring for example - when viewed from above (usually via satellite) could be easily mistaken for an x-ray of someone's small intestine. Well, if witnessed in monochrome. Yet when enjoyed in full colour, seem to take on an almost Kandinsky-esque aesthetic quality; or from an alternate compositional perspective, a complete Jackson Pollocks.

The question I want to determine is this. Am I alone in thinking/imagining this graphic phenomenon (as is broadly expected), or does anyone else share my – somewhat surreal - visions. Are you – like me – the sort of person who casually (yet mistakenly) glances at what you believe to be a satellite shot of the Spa Race Circuit in Belgium, however has it quickly pointed out to them that you’re instead poring over Wassily Kandinsky’s, ‘Composition VII’, painted in 1913. Or vice versa. Perhaps, a more regular occurrence than has been previously reported. However, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, not a subject any of us are comfortable talking about in public. Until now.

Fear not though. As this forum affords people like me and you the platform to admit to such socially-awkward misunderstandings (confusing Jackson Pollock’s ‘Full Fathom Five, 1947’ with the B6276 Brough to Middleton-in-Teesdale road that is, not IBS), and explain to others how this perplexing situation came to pass. Not that much of an explanation is required when viewing both side-by-side. More than this however, this blog doubles as a quiz; a quiz which challenges you to ascertain if the image you’re gazing out upon is one of the planet’s best driving roads or, as suspected, a Jackson Pollock. Essentially, I want you to guess if it’s ‘The Best Driving Roads, Or Absolute Pollocks?’…..

So there you have it. 5 of the following 10 images depict an iconic stretch of hairpins, apexes and switchbacks geographically located somewhere in the world, while the other 5 are famous abstract paintings. The question remains, which is which?

Jackson Pollock - Convergence, 1952 - A57 Snake Pass, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK

Picasso – Ma Jolie, 1911 - The Stelvio Pass, Italian Alps, Italy, Europe

Jackson Pollock - Full Fathom Five, 1947 - Buttertubs Pass, Cliff Gate Road, Yorkshire Dales, UK

Mary Abbott – All Green, 1954 - The Nordeschleife Circuit, Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany, Europe

Lee Krasner – The Eye is the First - B6276 between Middleton-in-Teesdale and Brough, UK

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