Lets discuss who is the best F1 driver on the grid today

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Although Lewis Hamilton is the reigning defending F1 World Champion and dominated the sport in the last 7 years, a lot of F1 personnel and fans argue that he is the champion but not the best if all the drivers were given the same car. On the other hand, another group argues that Lewis can still beat his competition given all are in the same car. Let's discuss who is the Actual Best F1 Driver on the grid today and here are the contenders: Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo made his debut in F1 back in 2011 with HRT, then raced two full seasons with Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2012 & 2013 before joining RedBull Racing in 2014 to replace a fellow Aussie Mark Webber. Dani's early F1 career can be considered average, he turned heads though when he took on the 4-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel in his first year with RedBull, his first year with a top F1 team ever. Daniel showed his character and flexed his skills, he proved that he isn't afraid of anybody on the grid and he is ready to go for it even when there is the tiniest of gaps. Leaving us with remarkable overtakes, 7 F1 Wins and several poles and podium finishes. As time passed, Dani got drained and tired from the failures at RedBull due to reliability issues and basically not having a competitive car. That pushed Dani to look for a different fantasy, he wants to be the driver who picks a struggling team like Renault and lead them to F1 Championships. Unfortunately, I believe that's a far-fetched goal mainly because in hindsight it turned out that he didn't choose wisely when he made his move. Dani Ric is one of the finest F1 drivers and is probably the best Aussie F1 driver of all time. However, he is not the best on the grid today.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian clinched our hearts and made us believe there can be another legend like Michael Schumacher. He hit the ground running when he scored his first F1 win in 2008 with a midfield team; Scuderia Toro Rosso, there only F1 win to this day. Vettel moved to RedBull in 2009 to fight for the championship against his teammate and Brawn's Jenson Button who went on to win the championship in the last race of the year after Seb giving him a run for his money. After that Vettel dominated the sport with 4 championships with RedBull then moved to Scuderia Ferrari to fulfill his and our dream. Another German dominating the sport in the red car. Unfortunately, that journey is ending up with disappointments, broken hearts and a broken dream. Vettel's journey with Ferrari uncovered his weakness, which Ricciardo did hint about it in 2014. The German's Achilles heels is Pressure, Vettel can't handle pressure well. He showed that in different fights against Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and his current teammate Charles Leclerc and led him to fail to win two potential championships with Ferrari in 2017 and 2018. Seb is definitely one of the legends on the sport and one of the best F1 drivers of all time. However, the sun has set on his prime days and unfortunately he is not the best on the grid today.

Charles Leclerc

Charles walked into the sport on a red carpet. After just one season with Sauber Alfa Romeo, he moved to the most prestigious F1 team of all time Scuderia Ferrari and became the youngest Ferrari driver of all time. A record in the bag right away, what a better way to make a name of yourself in the sport. Well, by defeating your team's #1 driver, securing the most number of poles without having the dominant car and putting your elbows out against the current F1 champion and defeating him in several races without crippling under pressure. That's a better way to make a name for yourself. Leclerc didn't get the Ferrari seat because he is lucky; Charles got the seat because he is talented and he proved that he deserves it. Charles is the prince of F1 today, but not the king, yet. Charles will become a multiple F1 Champion and will go down in history as one of the legends. However, he is very shy of being the best on the grid today.

Lewis Hamilton

A 6-time F1 world champion going after the arguably best of all time, Michael's records. Lewis impressed us right away in his F1 debut season in 2007 with McLaren when he led the team and fought for the championship against Kimi's Ferrari who went on to win the championship in the last race of the season in Brazil. Hamilton went on to win his first F1 title in a bizarre season in 2008 with McLaren. That success was followed by disappointments until he made the best move of his life when he joined Mercedes in 2013. Mercedes and Lewis went on to dominate the sport to this day, except for 2016 for Lewis when he lost to his former teammate Nico Rosberg. In addition to the 6 titles, Lewis has 88 poles (the most of all time) and 84 race wins (7 wins behind Michael). However, let's go through this success, a rumor floats around F1 that in 2008 Glock arguably slowed down on purpose to let Lewis win the championship. Also, since 2014 Mercedes were in a league of there own, Lewis didn't have proper & fair championship fights. He lost to Nico Rosberg in 2016, a teammate that he knew like the back of his hand as both of them were teammates since their karting days. 2016 is a year that he shouldn't have lost it. Fast forward to 2017 & 2018, Ferrari were close to Mercedes but were never ahead in terms of car development, the overall performance of the car in addition to countless strategy and driver mistakes that occurred during these 2 years. A time when Ferrari were out of the championship fight 7 races before the end of the championship because of their mistakes. Taking the pressure of Lewis and giving away the potential championships. And for his current teammate, I don't need to talk about him that much as his team principle made it clear about his role. Lewis is a very very fast driver and definitely one of the best of all times. But, he is not the best on the grid today although he is the champion.

Max Verstappen

Oh Max, I'm just going to go straight to the point here. Who wins an F1 race when they are 18?! Legends do. Max became the youngest F1 driver to win a GP in 2016 when he won the Spanish GP, beating Vettel to the record. Since then max did a few mistakes but still impressed us with wins and great fights along the way. Until 2019, when Max showed the world how mature he became and how complete as a driver he is now. Christian Horner says "We just need to put pressure on Lewis" meaning Max is already better than Lewis only lacking the tool underneath him to prove it. The speed of Max is matchless, he is going to go for the gap every single time then make a move; His elbows are always out. Lewis is known for his great qualifying skills. But I bet you, if Max was in that same car; he would have found a quicker time in that Merc. Max will become a multi F1 champion for sure and is on his way to legendary status in this sport. Max is hungrier, feistier and faster than anyone on the grid today. That's why Max is the actual best.

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