The best man ever: Richard Hammond!

Richard Hammond, you are the best in all. You are so charming, beautiful, great, smart, fun, intelligent, friendly, magic, wonderful, loyal to family and work, and so kind, and nice, and many other best words! It is a great pleasure to listen to your besutiful, kind voice, but when you look and it's all not on TV, you get something incredibly beautiful, magical, interesting, kind and very precious. I will never forget all the moments near you. I wish you all the best in your life. And always to be so the best friend, so the best man, so beautiful and young. I dream to meet you again. And Jeremy, and James! I believe they are wonderful. Richard, you are dream come true. Maybe you know that your birthday is the day of St. Nicholas Thaumaturgus! He is Santa Claus in different countries. It was just a real fairytale be with you! I saw how much a little children love you. It was the wonderful moments. Richard spoke from his chear with serious polish people (they were asking Richard questions on Polish, but Richard couldn't understand them. And me too! I don't know Polish. Only English and Russian. Richard was very fun and smart in this situation) and very close to him were sitting many many children! They take in hands Top Gear board games! :) Richard was made with them selfy, and video. So touching, and kind, and unforgettable. He give autographs and photo to every fan. He was very friendly. But Polish bodyguards were a little rude, and they couldn't speak english, only Polish. Richard was incredible kind to me and he agree to take my presents in a box on wheel for unwrapping to England! It was as God blessing :) I was so glad that I haven't enough words to describe it. It wasn't usual presents. Part of them were made only for him, or for Jeremy, and James from my order. I really hope that Richard like them. Richard had a little walk, took a photo and video with some car. I remember it was Lamborghini and Porsche... and I will say it exactly tomorrow in my comments. How I dream to be with him always and everywhere :) Thank you, dear Richard, for your arrival to Poland! Thank you for you are! The world is getting better thanks to you :) I really dream to meet you again. It was the best time in my life and it was the best present for my birthday ( the 1st of December) and Christmas :) You are kind Santa Claus :) I was very sorry for you, because you did not eat your biscuits, did not drink normal coffee, maybe even froze a bit in the cold climate of Poland, and you must be tired for so many work. He wasn't eat from early morning, he has no time :) Poor Richard! But people so much love him, they became happy, their eyes became bright, shine and sparkly near Richard! It was real magic. I will always respect and love Richard Hammond :) And Jeremy. and James. They give an opportunity to be always with them with the help of DriveTribe! Very big thank you for that! And Richard was very glad to see me in DriveTribe clothes :) I will give to him another my present: my photographies with him. And I have a videos. Every my photo is the best, because Richard is the best model. I want to add that I stay at Hotel Park Kajetany, it is very close to Ptak Warsaw Expo. And there were the park with fountains, exotic birds and a lot of horses. They also have many kinds of deer. Wonderful place :) I will show more photo with beautiful Richard later :)

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