The Best of 25 Years of Festival of Speed

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Rather embarrassingly, I didn't actually mean to stumble across this feature at this year's 2018 Festival of Speed; I was actually looking for the motorcycle paddock. After meandering through the various trade stalls, a couple of distant yet familiar shapes caught my eye. This being one of them:

Taken at this angle to try to avoid people getting in the shot. Mission failed.

The unmistakable Spyker C8 Laviolette, one of only four in the wonderfully named Burnt Almond Orange colour. Surprisingly this is one of the rarest cars in the batch, and the rest aren't exactly your common or garden variety vehicles. Here are some of the highlights of the exhibit:

The other 'jet fighter for the road', the Lamborghini Reventon. One of 20 customer cars in the world.

Double kill; matching LaFerrari + Enzo.

Closely related to the above. Sort of. Maserati MC12 Versione Corse, a direct development of the GT1 racer and sold to private customers, similar to Ferrari's FXX program.

Koenigsegg CCR. Very briefly, the fastest car in the world.

McLaren F1. Also one of the fastest cars in the world. This particular example was owned (and slightly crashed) by RowanAtkinson for a considerable number of years.

Needs no introduction, really.

Koenigsegg Agera Final Edition; one of the last of the 1100hp, all carbon monsters. Currently the fastest car in the world.

Alfa Romeo 8c Spider, one of the best looking cars in modern times.

Pagani Zonda F Oliver; a one off commissioned for a rather wealthy gentleman's younger son of the same name. Oliver that is, not Zonda (I'm assuming..?).

1/3 of the hypercar holy trinity, the Porsche 918. Batteries sold separately.Lam

No supercar paddock would be complete without at least two dirty great V12 Lamborghinis; in this case, a Diablo VT.

GTR. No not that GTR, the other one. The one with the V8.

So there we have it. A selection of the finest supercars released over the last 25 years. Featured but not pictured here was a black Ferrari F50, a Bristol Fighter, Aston Martin's Project Vantage, the Jaguar CX-75 and a black Porsche Carrera GT.

Dishonourable mention:

Pretty dick move if you ask me..

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