The best of DriveTribe in 2021

Here are 9 of our favourite posts from the past year

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2021 has been another strange year in a lot of ways but there has been one thing that you can always count on, that you can open DriveTribe and be entertained, informed, and amazed by the huge amount of content created by the community.

We could have included 100 posts in this article but in the end Kiran, Natasha and I settled on just 3 each to feature here and you can tell us your favourites in the comments below.

Kiran Ganesh:

Patrick's truly spectacular adventure across this road has been documented brilliantly, you should really check his profile out for more of such stuff.

Jesse's content is always fresh, original and hilarious. I'm jealous that he got to go to a classic racing event and you'd be too, looking at these great photos. Watch for the selfie at the end...

I absolutely love technical articles, and this is probably the best one on the site. Totally ambitious but not totally rubbish. Brilliant piece from Ben and he has REALLY put some effort into this one.

Natasha Cramer:

It's not surprising to spot Aaron more than once in the best of the week or on DriveTribe. His writing is amazing and flows so smooth. This specific article was a true blast of the ages.

Throttle Girl often appears in the best of the week, smashing each article out of the ball park. However, this specific one is a beautiful read and one of my favorites. Awesome writing!!

Alen often graces DriveTribe and the best of the week with his articles. I remember reading this the first time and being absolutely blown away. A true masterpiece.

Marcus Milligan:

Claire and Ayesh always make amazing articles and this is one of my personal favourites. It combines excellent writing with fantastic pictures to make it really enjoyable to read, hopefully we’ll see more content like this in 2022.

It was difficult to choose just three posts to feature here but I knew I had to include one from Noah. His unique writing style makes his articles both informative and very entertaining to read. Awesome work.

I think everyone on here knows that Ben Welham creates a lot of brilliant content but this one deserves a bit of extra attention. It’s a really well written story that you should definitely read if you haven’t already.

Remember to vote for your favourite in the poll above and we’ll give the top 3 some TribeCoins next week.

Thanks for reading and we wish you a very happy new year from everyone at DriveTribe.

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  • Congrats and for all your hard work! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

      25 days ago
  • Awesome work and

      25 days ago
    • No wayyyy!!! Thank you so much!! Such a nice surprise to close the end of this strange year indeed. We'll have more good stuff coming for 2022, already working on it!

        24 days ago
    • Just saw this!!! Wow! Cheers, king. An absolute honour!

        13 days ago
  • Congrats to and !

      25 days ago
    • Thank you so much Kiran! My congratulations to the other brilliant creators featured as well. Looking forward to seeing what everyone produces in the coming year!

        25 days ago
  • Hopefully next year will be even better!

      25 days ago
  • Thanks you guys! It’s been an amazing year here on DT. Here’s to the next!

      25 days ago