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11w ago

We’ve reached the end of another week which means we have had the difficult job of choosing just 8 posts out of the thousands that have been created by the community. After a lot of thinking we have our final 8 that have earned their creators 50 TribeCoins each, we hope you enjoy the posts as much as we did.

Kiran Ganesh

Crikey, it's the Hollywood rozzers! Very entertaining post from Jesus, be sure to check his profile out!

Everyone has a bucket list and this one really impressed me! Well done Aiden.

BashBash Cramer

It's been a while since any LaLD material has been featured but Lukas has really hit it out the ball part with his short but awesome article! Fantastic work!

Rob always manages to hit this platform with amazing and well-thought out quizzes. This one is no different! It was really enjoyable and high-quality. Well done!

Rahil Hashmi

With No Time To Die set to hit the big screen very soon, there’s absolutely no better article to read than Thiemo’s articles on the Bond cars.

Being the one of the world’s largest online automotive communities, I think it’s important for us on DriveTribe to recognise each other’s achievements - congrats David!

Marcus Milligan

It‘s great to see Xavier back after a long break with another brilliant gaming post, hopefully we’ll get more articles like this in the future.

Mitchell’s post includes incredible photography, incredible cars, and great writing, what more could you want?


That‘s all for this week, make sure to vote for your favourite in the poll below and look out for next week’s roundup over on Kiran’s profile.

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