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Since Roast My Ride launched, we've had over 50k submissions from eager DriveTribers looking for some feedback on their pride and joy. I've posted my Fiat Panda 100HP three times now, each time I've had my heart torn out and run over 40 times. I will persist until I get just the tiniest bit of love.

Recently, our very own James May decided to post a picture of his shoe. This prompted our automatic roast machine to delete the post as it didn't look like a car. I thought I'd take the opportunity to have a look what else our robot had deleted and it proved to be a disturbing time for me. You guys are perverted. The amount of penises sent made me feel like a pretty girl on Tinder.

To celebrate the internet and how weird you lot can be, I've picked a few of my favourite from recent days. Don't worry, there are no penises involved.

Deleted Roast #1

The first on the list is the aforementioned shoe submitted by James May. A decent level of style from James here. I can only hope he owns the other shoe.

Deleted Roast #2

Second on the list is a very good boy indeed. A very intelligent good boy.

Deleted Roast #3

Number three is possibly my favourite. A cat who can only function after their Starbucks hit.

Deleted Roast #4

Number four is a god that has the face of every Vauxhall owner in the world.

Deleted Roast #5

Number five is a great picture of a Nissan Juke.

Deleted Roast #6

Here we have a bloke playing Roast My Ride and blocking out the haters at the same time. Genius.

Deleted Roast #7

I'll finish this list with a picture of the hardest guy you'll ever meet. TWO middle fingers up to his haters and some '60s Hollywood actress shades on for good measure. Well congratulations mate, you've got your 15 mins of fame.

Keep your roasts coming in guys, preferably your cars, but dogs are welcome too... even if they get banned. One guy in particular has submitted his penis 13 times. Even if you put wheels on it mate, the only car it comes close to looking like is a Smart car.

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