The best part of racing

1y ago


My favorite part about any motorsport is when they are in their infancy. Most new genres start out with a small group of individuals who found this new thing to do with their typically, outside-of-the-box vehicles - which most certainly should be turned into a competition. Because the beginning group is almost always small, it hasn’t been infiltrated by corporate sponsors or people who need to win at any cost, so the rules are almost non-existent. Eventually, rules need to be implemented in order to keep things competitive and fun for everyone, but the rules rarely end up covering things like vacuum assisted downforce, four front tires, and things of the like.

The Chaparral 2J "vacuum cleaner" is a prime example of why the early stages of a racing series are always the best. This car only lasted one season before they banned it.

These beginning stages are what make motorsports so much damn fun for me! No one knows what works yet, so they try all kind of weird shit… Sadly, the eventuality of almost every genre of racing is a strict implementation of rules that serve to kill any sort of abstract thinking, which instead becomes a game of how to bend the rules, and not coincidentally, is also when I begin to lose interest. Having missed the greatest times in racing, I relish the thought of any new motorsport and follow along as they refine their designs, all while shaking my fist at the first signs of corporate infiltration. I realize that monetary support is what makes racing more approachable, but once they kill leaps of innovation, they’ve killed my interest.

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  • I'd say the best part of racing is the sensation of freedom. Absolute purity of mind is obtained when flinging into a hairpin, or when your engine is pulling hard down a straight.

    1 year ago
  • I'm with you there, Noel. I'm curious to see what comes of electric racing vehicles.

    1 year ago


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