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So you may of been to Worthersee loads of times in the past, maybe next year could be your first... However, do you know about some of the incredible sites you might miss on the way to Austria? Here's some of them in a short list:

"The Green Hell" - Image from AutoFreaks.com

The Nurburgring, Germany. If you're driving to Austria via Stuttgart (which you will be if you read this article) then the legendary Nurburgring is just another 130km east from Luxembourg! That's not far for a 12 mile long epic toll road you can blast along and bragging rights for driving around "The Green Hell".

The first room. www.henrypowellphotographer.com

Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart. If you like sexy architecture, german engineering & want to be taken through the history of Mercedes, this is definitely for you! Based in Stuttgart, this beautiful building takes you from when Mercedes was born, all the way to the future concepts that the company are working on today. You'll learn so much!

917 display on the top floor - www.henrypowellphotographer.com

Porcshe Museum, Stuttgart. While you're in stuttgart, check out the Porsche Museum. Only 5 minutes from Mercedes, this place is incredible. They have cut in half Porsches, displays of engines, floating trophies and so much historic racing cars. You have to see it for your own eyes

The conveyer belt thing... www.henrypowellphotographer.com

Audi Museum, Ingolstadt. This, I have to admit isn't worth the trip just for the museum. However, book a factory tour and it could be the best pitstop on the way. You start by walking around the very small museum. (by comparison to the other two) Although, there are some really interesting cars, plus a very cool chain driven car lift, that rotates 6 cars up and down the museum floors. Once you've seen the museum, you then go across the road and enter the Audi Factory. Where Audis are born.

This is just 4 of the things I've been lucky enough to enjoy on the way to Worthersee in the past 3 years. However, there are loads of other petrol head things to do o the way. An hour from Worthersee you have the RedBull ring, Munich has a cool BMW museum plus don't forget all the amazing driving roads you can find all around the area! Do you think there's something I've missed? Add it in the comments section!

Henry Powell - @HenzPowell - www.henrypowellphotographer.co

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