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The best posh seven seaters on the market

And how I would spec them

1y ago

If you are a family with three or four kids, and don't want to drive a van, there are few options. In this article, I will go through the best in the market

Volvo XC90 R-Design Pro

T6 AWD Automatic

Credit - Volvo

Credit - Volvo

The Volvo XC90 is one of the sharpest looking 7 seaters out there, and in top level R-Design Pro trim, it has a lot of presence. The reason I would use the T6 petrol engine is because the smaller petrol is too weak, the diesel will not resale well in a few years time, and the Twin Engine T8 does not justify the price premium. The Bursting Blue paint adds flair to the car, and the seven seat comfort pack is a must if you will regularly carry people in the third row seating.

Options I added:

£1,600 Xenium Pack (Parking Cameras and Sunroof)

£1,250 Integrated LED Running Boards

£1,050 Blond Sports Seats

£1,000 Bursting Blue Paint

£900 Seven Seat Comfort Pack

£500 Intellisafe Surround (Autobrake, Blind Spot Monitoring)

On the Road Price: £70,360

Land Rover Discovery Landmark

SD6 Diesel Automatic

Credit - Land Rover

Credit - Land Rover

A degree of restraint should be used when speccing a car like this; it is a car that does not benefit from a murdered out black specification. A colour like this Namib Orange helps it slightly visually. The Landmark trim is a must, this gives the car the visual aggression the bumpers need, and it is for a similar reason that I picked the 22 inch wheels. Larger wheels do not aid ride quality, however on a car as large as this, they are a necessity to give it stance. The Driver Assist pack may be expensive, but adds a lot of tech.

Options I added:

£2,850 Driver Assist Pack

£2,120 22 inch wheels

£1,695 Namib Orange Paint

£215 Advanced Door Mirrors

£200 22 inch spare wheel

On the Road Price: £67,075

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Dynamic

P525 V8 Supercharged Petrol

Credit - Land Rover

Credit - Land Rover

This is an extremely fast car. I refrained from going for a full out SVR, but this car still has a supercharged V8 producing 525bhp, and the price premium to match. Therefore, I tried to keep this car down to earth when choosing options, only adding two. The privacy glass should be standard on a car like this really, and the lights are extremely cool, so justify the money.

Options I added:

£1,635 Pixel Laser LED Headlights

£450 Privacy Glass

On the Road Price: £90,220

BMW X5M Competition

V8 Petrol

Credit - BMW

Credit - BMW

0-60 in 3.8 seconds is fast for a sports car. This is a 7 seater SUV that ways well over 2 tonnes, and it looks very sharp. It is quite expensive, but looks the part. This black on blue really suits the car. The Ultimate Package is extremely expensive but adds a lot of stuff if you tick the box: Laser lights, M Driver Package, Sunroof, Shadow Trim, Bowers & Wilkins Stereo etc. If you are looking for a well-specced car, this a good deal with a big discount.

Options I added:

£17,000 Ultimate Package

£1,095 Tanzanite Blue Metallic Paint

On the Road Price: £128,705

BMW X7 M Sport


Credit - BMW

Credit - BMW

This is a massive car. Even with all 7 full size seats up, there is proper boot space. At first I thought that the grille looked obnoxious, but now it looks reasonably sized, especially in black. The paint should be kept dark to hide the size though. The amount of kit that comes as standard means you don't have to add many options.

Options I added:

£2,395 M Sport Plus Package

£1,350 Visibility Package

On the Road Price: £78,560

Mercedes GLS AMG Line


Credit - Mercedes

Credit - Mercedes

The GLS has been revised recently, and now looks a bit smarter, but it is still quite a beast. It's large and luxurious and only really designed for the American market, but it has the badge that may attract a certain type of customer. It is the posh choice in the group, but is also a bit vanilla. It doesn't stand out for being especially fast or good looking or comfortable. Similarly to the X7, add the one expensive pack and you get loads of kit.

Options I added:

£16,500 AMG Line Premium Plus Executive

£595 Diamond White

On the Road Price: £90,060

Audi SQ7

TDI Tiptronic

Credit - Audi

Credit - Audi

The SQ7 has always been a bit of a Q-car, and the previous gen car just looked like a slightly raised estate. With the recent facelift, it has begun to look like an SUV, and keeps the subtle looks. In this grey, the body shape tells the story rather than the colour, and it looks purposeful.

Options I added:

£1,850 Panoramic Glass Sunroof

£1,500 22" turbine wheels

£750 Daytona Grey Paint

On the Road Price: £80,460

Tesla Model X

Long Range

Credit - Tesla

Credit - Tesla

A very left field option, the Tesla. It doesn't really obey the rules. This car has 314 miles of range which is 'enough' for most of the time, but it makes sense as a second car. Although lots of people get this car in white, it makes it look large and ungainly in my opinion. This red is a lot more tasteful.

Options I added:

£5,900 Autopilot

£5,400 22" Onyx Black Wheels

£3,400 Seven Seats

On the Road Price: £89,090

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have a buying criteria, and want me to research the market for you, comment below and I will publish an article. (You may also want to follow so you are notified).

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  • Tesla or Volvo. Or, the best option, get a Van

      1 year ago
  • If its a 7 seater, my pick would be like an alphard or elgrand, more spacious 3rd row, but with these cars, gls first and discovery last, mainly for its looks

      1 year ago
    • Yeh but those two are not available in the British markets

        1 year ago
    • Importing them makes it more special too, ive seen a few in london and manchester

        1 year ago
  • Unless you have many children, what’s the point? Spend the same money or less on a fast saloon

      1 year ago
  • 'Posh' and 'seven seaters' in the same sentence? Are you sure?

      1 year ago
  • Actually not real seven-seat SUV - Suburban or Yukon Denali XL are the kings 💪💪💪

      1 year ago