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The best RC cars for under £100

Get into RC cars without having to blow the budget!

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RC cars are a pretty fun, a great hobby to get into and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Whilst I don't have any knocking around myself anymore, I had a lot of fun with some RC cars as a kid and what's on sale right now at all price ranges absolutely blow the stuff that was around when I was younger out of the water. Unfortunately, getting into RC cars is a hobby that can break the bank if you're not careful! Thankfully, there are a lot of good models out there that aren't too expensive to purchase. With this in mind, here's the best of the crop of RC cars out there that come in at less than £100!

Starter RC Car

Rimila 1

The Rimila is shock and water resistant. Kid resistant? Only one way to find out...

This one is a really great RC car to get yourself started into the hobby. It looks great with its futuristic design and bright, kid-friendly colours and it's genuinely capable on all surfaces too with its all wheel drive, four wheel independent suspension and tri-axle differential. It can also do a lot of cool stunts thanks to its ability to flip and tumble a full 360 degrees. All for the price of a family in McDonalds.

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Conquer land and water

SZJJX Stunt RC car

Perform stunts on land and in water with this RC car.

This very striking (mostly) green and black RC car has a very cool party trick that seperates it out from a lot of other remote control models; it's fully amphibious! Promising to be equally at home on land (including sand!) and water, like the previous car in this list it also has independent suspension on all four wheels and is capable of doing some cool stunts. If that wasn't enough, it can also turn on its own length like a tank!

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Conquer the hills!

Hobby Crawler

This rock-crawling RC car can handle big hits and handily can be recharged from a USB plug.

If rock crawling is more your thing than doing crazy stunts, this RC car is likely to be much more up your alley! This one produced by MinddGap is a bigger size than most RC cars you'd see in this price range as well as having beefier motors (MinddGap promises a top speed of between 20-25 km/h!). It promises to be very durable too, so it should be able to survive countless hours of being bashed around from doing daring uphill assaults. An extra great feature this RC car has is USB charging, meaning that you can charge it pretty much anywhere.

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Get your own legend!

McLaren 675LT RC car

Can't quite rise to a full-sized McLaren? How about this...

CMJ RC Cars make a lot of officially licenced replicas of various different popular road cars. One of the ones they offer right now is a replica of the now legendary McLaren 675LT. This particular version of the limited run track-focused McLaren supercar is in one of the most striking colour options that McLaren offered for the car at the time and it has fully working suspension, adjustable front wheel alignment and working LED headlights. Whilst it definitely isn't able to do any crazy stunts or impressive rock crawls, it's probably the closest thing a lot of us will get to having our own 675LT.

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DTM Racer

Audi RS5 DTM RC Car

This DTM Audi RC car is yours for the price of an air freshener for your full-sized Audi

If racing cars are more your thing, CMJ RC cars also make officially licenced replicas of DTM cars! Those who know will know that DTM is one of the most exciting racing series on the planet, with crazy looking cars that reach just as crazy levels of speed. CMJ have two different replicas of Audi's car that was driven by Mattias Ekström and one replica of Mercedes' DTM car that was driven by current Formula E driver Gary Paffett. If you're a huge DTM fan or a fan of either of those drivers, these cars could definitely be worth a purchase!

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The ultimate rock crawler?

CMJ Rock Crawler

Clever suspension means this RC car can be raised for rock crawling or lowered for hard cornering

Another offering from CMJ RC Cars, this rock crawler is the most expensive car on the list so far. There's a very good reason for that though, as it's probably the ultimate rock crawler you can buy without breaking the bank! This car's chassis is adjustable, allowing it to be raised for scaling the toughest rocky climbs and lowered for racing on flatter ground. It looks especially cool when it's lowered down into 'race mode', as the wheelbase sprawls out more making it look like it's crouching, waiting to pounce! The big, beefy tyres mean it's equally at home on any surface, although it definitely won't be able to swim!

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The ultimate rock crawler... at a cheaper price?

SZJJX RC Crawler

Need to save a caged dog? Then this (according to the accompanying video) is the RC car for you

If you think that CMJ RC Cars' offering is a little too much on the expensive side, this rock crawler might be a better bet for you. It has many of the same features as CMJ's rock crawler (including being able to squash down into a 'race mode'), but at a noticeably cheaper price! Thanks to its four wheel drive and big, chunky tyres, it should be more than capable of taking on any surface, although like CMJ's one it definitely isn't suitable for going in the water. SGILE also boasts that this car has "quality off-road protection" thanks to the flexibility of its all round independent suspension as well as rubber tyres made of high-quality TPE and a frontal structure that's designed to reduce the forces of impacts on the car and the car's internal components. Sounds pretty good, I'd say!

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The red-blooded Italian

RASTAR Ferrari LaFerrari

With working lights and opening doors, this RC car has more detail than most

The RC car version of the McLaren 675LT I mentioned above might be a really great scaled down replica of the original, but what if you're more of a Ferrari person? Well, RASTAR have you covered with this incredibly detailed remote control version of the Ferrari LaFerrari! Amongst other things, it has working lights, opening butterfly doors and a seriously detailed interior. It's not all show either, as it has independent suspension, a working differential system and the body is made out of tough and durable ABS plastic. If you have a real thing for detail and you don't want to spend loads of money on an RC car, this is definitely a great choice!

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